Published on August 24, 2022 (Updated on September 15, 2022)

Full Blocks

Is the side of a grass block unsightly? Or glass that doesn't look like the glass in Minecraft Java edition?

Don't worry, professor Zee will solve that problem! Powered by BedrockTweaks, you can make your unsightly problems look great!

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Full Blocks V1

An innovative connected texture pack that connects texture blocks without sacrificing in-game achievements!


What's new? (V1)

  • Added full grass block textures!
  • Added full blocks of Crimson & Warp textures!
  • Added clean glass textures!
  • Added clean stained glass textures!
  • Added clean tinted glass texture!
  • Added 3 option to choose according to tastes!



  • Full BIocks V1 (5.53 KB)

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When i download it doesn’t show me any of the settings, and when i try and use it all of the textures are wrong. So i checked the files and found all the textures were for the wrong things. Either i did something wrong or the texture pack is outdated or just broken.
I downloaded if from this website only, but it says "(unofficial) Please download it from the OFFICIAL SITE". Why is that?
same happened to me. I have no idea why this happens, but i decided to download this pack from another website and it worked.

Thank me later.
Edit: seems like the link got removed (maybe for safety reasons) but all you have to do is just search bedrock connected glass + grass.
the website i used is 9minecraft
itu make shadeer apa banggg
Milk Shader v0.5.5 (ada kok di MCPEDL)
It doesn't work.
It does work it just got yeeted out of my folder, great work! Though I wish the lines were still on the edges
1. Texture has been tested twice to ensure quality. If the file is still problematic, try to find a solution on YouTube.

2. Glass textures can't connect like in java because of modding limitations. (In-game achievements). If you don't care about in-game achievements, you can look for the connected glass addon online there.

Thank you