Minebattle (Minigame)

In this brand new minigame from Ancient Olympic, you have to mine ores and fight each other. In this 2-6 playermode you have to survive as long as possible. Last man standing wins. Diamond ores will give you the best loot, like throwable Tnt or diamond armor. Furthermore their is also copper for heal, gold for bow and blocks and iron for basic equipment. Also if you leftclick the white leather helmet the whole map will change to barriers for few seconds to see more diamond ores and your enemys. If the timer runs over the deathmatch will start, winner is the last player. You can play 4 diffrent maps. The mine, medieval room, alien and bone.

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-Added New Blindess Item

-A Carrot which gives you speed

-An Apple which heals you



  • Minebattle1.1.mcworld (222.82 KB)
  • Minebattle.mcworld (227.97 KB)
  • Minefighting.mcaddon (35.17 KB)

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Did you installed the addon? You have to open it with minecraft not with bridgev2