Published on March 20, 2022 (Updated on January 05, 2024)

MineCars Addon || ROARING HEIGHTS P2

Ever looking for an addon that adds vanilla-styled vehicles to Minecraft? And all you find is some awkward modern car addons? No worries, here at Random Kerbal's Institute, we have the solution for you! (probably not the best...but anyway)

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V3.4.1: CELEBRATING 2024

-added the ability to place mob heads on the Reliant Minecar, Gondola Balloon Minecar, and Basic Illagercar!

-added 1 NEW launchpad: Ender Launchpad!

-added new particles!

-revamped texture of Heavy Launchpad

-revamped textures of the liveries of Reliant Minecar

-revamped texture of Dragoncar

-increased Dragoncar's hitbox

-fixed a bug where Dragoncar didn't drop Dragon Head upon exploding

-fixed a bug where the Ender Launchpad cannot be picked up during cooldown

-made Dragoncar immune to all incoming damage while roaring

-fixed a bug where Dragoncar cannot roar if you hold an iron ingot while driving


V3.3: The Roaring Heights

-added TWO NEW accessories that can launch minecars upwards: Launchpad & Heavy Launchpad!

-added 1 NEW Minecar: Dragoncar, with a backstory!

-added 1 NEW Illagercar: Soulager Illagercar, which buffs the illagers and debuffs you!

-allow players to pick up Illagercars!

-allow Illagercars to be spawned without illager riders

-allow players to take off the illager banner from Illagercars (by picking up the car), and attach their personalised banners onto the Illagercars

-added the ability for illagers to retake control of any Illagercar that loses its original illager rider

-added different durabilities for Balloon Envelope/Phantom Balloon Envelope items

-the health of the balloon envelope of balloon minecars is proportional to the durability of the Balloon Envelope/Phantom Balloon Envelope that is picked up

-Balloon Envelope/Phantom Balloon Envelope items can be repaired using its material

-added new sounds for when balloon minecars' balloon is hurt

-added many new particles

-retextured ALL Illagercars and fixed bugs in their models

-made Illagercars' banner render as an item, instead of a separate model

-fixed a bug where projectiles of Shooter Minecar spawn underground, exploding and destroying the car

-fixed a bug where balloon minecars' animations conflicted with each other

-fixed a bug where illagercars keep jumping around when on path blocks

-fixed a bug where the lever of Lantern/Soul Lantern Minecar is not animated to be pulled down even when the lantern is lit

-fixed a bug where Angler Balloon Minecar's anchor can fish the riding entity of compound entities

-optimised many codes to reduce lag


V3.2.1: FARMER's FAV

-added 1 NEW MINECAR: Harvester!

-added a new functionality to the Shooter Gun - used as an independent item!

-COMPLETELY reworked the exploding behaviour of Kamikaze Illagercars! It will explode ONLY IF its rider is killed, or when its rider is brought down to <= 8 heartpoints.

-renamed "Illager Minecar" to "Illagercar" (Basic Illagercar, Ramlager Illagercar, Drillager Illagercar, etc)

-improved banner cusomization system: minecars no longer "pick up" banners like a mob, instead, the banner is given to a minecar like how you give items to Allays

-added a charge armor effect to represent Infused Star Rammer's immune state

-decreased the illagercars' spawn rate

-made all minecars, illagercars & wagons block or deflect projectiles, if the projectiles can only hit one target

-added wobbling animations to vanilla minecarts

-made some minecar debris burn in daylight

-revamped shooting particles of Shooter Minecar

-revamped the texture of TNT Wagon that is used when attached to an Illagercar

-fixed a bug where illager banners given to minecars are floating

-fixed a bug of Constructor Minecar where using Mode6: Cobble Generator results in no stock being returned to player

-fixed a bug that causes Fire Aspect Rammer to attack with knockback

-made "No Natural Spawning Illagercars" as the default option (don't really like this...)


V3.0 & 3.1: Customisation Update

-updated Featured Image!

-added the ability for players to customise minecars with their personalised banner designs!!

-added new "plunging" mechanics for all drill minecars!

-added new "Campfire Wagon" & "Soul Campfire Wagon"

-increased seats of Flatbed Wagon from 2 to 3

-added speed indicators to rammer, bumper, and drill minecars

-added new models & textures for TNT wagons that are attached to illagercars

-TNT wagons that are attached to illagercars now have stronger blast force + set fire

-revamped rudder texture of balloon minecars

-changed explosion char into particle instead of entity

-reduced collision range for Bumper

-increased collision range for Infused Star Rammer

-stopped minecars/wagons from tilting when riding on another entity

-fixed a bug where some wheels of Flatbed Wagon doesn't turn

-fixed a bug where illagercars cannot navigate properly

-increased y-axis search distance when Kamikaze Illagercar is targeting a block

-increased Kamikaze Illagercar's fleeing distance

-all illagercars now flee from exploding Kamikaze Illagercar

-fixed a bug where pillagers would despawn when riding an illagercar

-fixed a bug where Shovel Arms are not used when attached to a rammer minecar

-fixed a bug where Exploding Minecars break Bedrock

-fixed a bug where picking up animation doesn't play when car doesn't have full health

-fixed a bug where picking up animation plays when detaching tools



-see "NEW FEATURES!" for major changelogs



  • minecars_bp_V3_4.mcpack (1.16 MB)
  • minecars_rp_V3_4.mcpack (9.27 MB)

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Feel free to tell me down in the comments what features you think are the best or what can be improved! A new update is coming in about 1 week, come back soon to check for updates!

Current tracking bugs:
Mod doesn't work on console [CANNOT REPRODUCE]
cant remove villagers if they accidentally sit on my car
I have a problem with your addon, I just recently discovered that it cannot mine the following ores I will mention.
Granite, Andesite, Diorite. Although I love how it works, there are problems you need to fix, And I even tried to fix the problem on my own, sorry for modifying your files without your knowledge, but still it won't work, now I don't have any solutions, to fix the problem. But to rely on you fixing it. the version is 1.20.50. And I forgot to mention that I was talking about the drill cars, all of the drill cars doesn't mine the ores I mentioned.
create a discord server
please make it so that i can remove villagers if they accidentally sit on my car
I will see if there's any solution to that.
The most likely solution is that I will make the villagers unable to ride the minecars anymore.
The drillager illagercars have been giving me lots of problems because my base is surrounded by mines and also partially in the underground. I cant get rid of them because its on a shared world, so i was thinking to spawnproof the area but i have no idea how their spawn works. Does spawnproof with slabs or buttons work on them? Will that prevent their spawn or do they use a different spawn method than the other mobs?
modify the addon files to remove their spawn
They spawn when the light level is below 7 (like any other hostile mobs). Also they don't spawn in dripstone caves.
Just place torches everywhere or move to a dripstone cave and you'll be fine.
May i ask how can i connect the balloon cars to make a long one i cant figure how to do that? also the links are not updated please do so
You cant attach wagons on balloon cars because the wagons will teleport everywhere and glitch out when the balloon cars fly. Its an addon limitation that no one could solve.
Good idea: Gliders and cars can be equipped with gliders
some item doesn't work on aternos server
can I use this addon in an addon pack?
Yes, but you will need to credit me in a text file in your addon pack, in your addon description, and on your addon webpage.
idea: submarines and trains
is possible for the next update that mobs can ride the carts also like the same with regular old minecart
I have tried this before, but it turns out that once the mob rides the minecart they can never get out. You have to kill them, even If the mob was your villager or dog.

So, no.
How do you get the cars to move?
nice addon. Pls make the carts run out of fuel slower and make them go faster.
Visual Suggestion:
for the normal minecarts
you know how when IRL minecarts are going fast or breaking (slowing down) at a fast speed, and sparks fly out?

Can you try to add a particle for that for Minecarts when at max speed?
Suggestion time :D
Piglicars. ..Do i need to say anymore? lol
(As if Illagercars were a pain eno-)