Published on December 31, 2021 (Updated on March 10, 2022)

Stair & Slab Carpets! [Bug Fixes!]

"Having tired of not being able to place your carpets on half-slabs and stairs?"Here at Random Kerbal's Research Institute, we have the solution for you (probably not the best...but anyway)!

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-separate the behavior and resource packs into different files to prevent import errors



  • carpets_beh.mcpack (150.14 KB)
  • carpets_res.mcpack (464.9 KB)

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Hi, sorry to comment here but I have no other way to communicate with you (would be amazing if you made a Discord channel for Minecars). I noticed yesterday that the download link for Minecars was missing, and today the whole page for Minecars is gone. I was wondering if you're planning to submit the addon again? In any case, is there any way I could get the most recent version from you?

You can contact me @lordshr3ddr on Twitter or Instagram. I'm LordShr3ddr#7594 on Discord. Thanks!!
Can't even download :(
It didn’t import successfully
Same bro, i couldn't import it
This comment has been removed
amazing! it will go well with my mordern house :D