Minecraft Battle (1.0)

Welcome I made this fun Minigame I constructed by Myself its a 1v1 PVP Minigame I also made this beacuse I was Bored go to the description too check it out!!!

Alright we are in the Lobby I'm going to show You how it works check the Photo: 

To Reset the Map press the button it will Reset all of the chests using /clone 0 0 0 0 0 0 masked force I will show You the first Loadout by the way they are in Chests!!! 

The first Loadout has 4 Iron Ingots and 1 Stick You can Craft a Pickaxe while Fighting. There is a Crafting Table near the Nether Area I will show You the Map soon next Loadout: 

This Loadout has 1 Chain Chestplate 3 Ender Pearls and 1 Gold Axe You can use the Ender Pearl's to Escape from Your Enemy then Landing on the Tree in the Map I will show You the Map soon next Loadout: 

This Loadout has 1 Iron Sword 5 Sticks And 1 Iron Boots the Sticks don't do anything but You can use the Iron Boots for Protection and the Sword to Fight next Loadout: 

This Loadout Has 1 Leather Chestplate 1 Iron Helmet And 1 Speed Potion Of 3:00 Minutes You Can Use The Potion To Run Faster And Fight Also The Armor Is For Protection Next Loadout: 

This Loadout has 9 Arrows 1 Bow and 1 Crossbow You can use this to Snipe Your Enemy out go to the Tree that's a good place next Loadout:

As You can see this is too over Powered so this has No Mainly Weapon it has 1 Diamond Boots 1 Diamond Leggings 1 Diamond Chestplate and 1 Diamond Helmet You can still Die by a Golden Axe ouch be Careful!!! next Loadout: 

This Loadout has 1 Chain Leggings 3 Honey Bottles 1 Iron Axe and 1 Chain Boots You can use the Honey to Heal!!! next Loadout:

This Loadout has 1 Chain Chestplate 4 Arrows And 1 Stone Sword if You have a Bow or a crossbow You can use this to take out Your Enemy!!! now I'm going to Show You what the Map looks like!!! 

This is what the Map looks like its not the Best but it has 4 Areas a Pond a Weird Temple Mini Nether for Pushing Your Enemy in the Lava and the Forest for Hiding and Sniping now I'm going to Show You how the game ends: 

So in the Command Blocks there is a Spawnpoint so when they Die they get Teleported to A Pressure Plate then activating the Redstone The First Command is /say @p died Then The next Command is /title @a title @p Won! then after that Command the next Command is /clear @a Then after That Command its /tp @a 0 0 0 After that one we have a Gamerule Command its /gamerule pvp false one last Command its /effect @a regeneration 10 255

Here is some Gameplay: 

Here is the Video also if you want to See how the Game Ends Full see the next Photo: 

As You can see there is 4 or 5 Commands Ending the Game I told You it after that Video so what is PVP Player versus player, also known as PVP, refers to combat in Minecraft which involves players fighting other players in multiplayer. And when your playing make sure experimental gameplay is on beacuse there is a new minigame that require it Here is a list of how many wins and your rank is:

10 Kills: Noob

20 Kills: Spy

30 Kills: Pro

40 Kills: Master

50 Kills: Master 2

60 Kills: Rank God

70 Kills: God

80 Kills: Pre-Hacker

90 Kills: Legendary Hacker

100 Kills: Hacker God 

So when you die there is a Pressure plate the Pressure plate activates Redstone and the Repeaters then until the Redstone line is dont it will Execute all of the commands also Im going to make another version too!!! Anyways The chests are put together my facing point that its in here is what Minecraft commands are: Teleport Anywhere: /Tp. The teleport command in Minecraft is by far one of the most useful cheats.

Locate Nearby Objects: /locate. ...

Count Objects: /testfor. ...

Control the Time of Day: /time set. ...

Ride Any Creature: /ride. ...

Share Your World: /seed. ...

Manage Your Inventory: /dropstore. ...

Control Where You Spawn: /setworldspawn.

Have fun playing!!!

Select version for changelog:


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Download the MCWORLD File then Open it. It will say Level Import Finished then click play find the World then have FUN!!!!


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