Minigame World (Minigames)

Minigame world is a world where you can play with your friends and family in Minecraft and play all sorts of games likeSpleefCapture The WoolKit PVPBow WarsFair Fight PVPKill Everything SimulatorEtc.

Welcome to Minigames World or GameHub and I will be showing you the Minigames and stuff but first credits to Mr. Machine ( for playing this world with me. So anyway let's get started, So when you load up the world you will be in a Lobby witch is the GameHub and you can pick games like

  • Spleef
  • Capture The Wool
  • Kit PVP
  • Bow Wars
  • Fair Fight PVP
  • Kill Everything Simulator
  • Etc.

So now here is the image:

Now our main game is Kit PVP. So I will be showing you how to play it and how to do stuff. So if you look at the image below this text you can see Pick a kit title and a 10 second timer you have 10 seconds to pick your kit DISCLAIMER: ONLY 1 PERSON CAN BE IN EACH KIT AND THERE IS ONLY 6 SO THATS 6+ PLAYERS. So anyways the kits are:

  • Trident King
  • Ninja
  • Witch
  • Shooter
  • Effect Master
  • And Tracker

So now I will be explaining what the kits have but here is the image:

So now the first one is Trident King you have a Trident (With Loyalty 3) Iron Armor, And Totem of undying so here is the image:

Our next Kit is the Ninja Kit it comes with a Diamond Sword, Diamond Armour, Golden Apple, and an Ender Pearl. And here is the image:

Our next kit is Shooter it comes with a Crossbow (2 Crossbows), Bow (2 Bows), and Arrow (Two 64 amount arrows), and of course here is the image:

Our next kit is Witch it comes with Jump Boost Potion (3 Jump Boost Potions), Invisibility Potion (2 Invisibility Potions), And Wooden Sword (2 Wooden Swords), And again here is the image:

Our next kit is Tracker it comes with a Map, Chainmail Boots, And a Diamond Sword, and here is the image:

Our last and personal favorite is Effect Master it comes with Iron Chestplate, Iron Sword, Flint, Snowball, Sugar, Diamond, Experience Bottle, And Emerald and yet here is the image:

But before we are done that I have to explain why you have those items like the Flint and stuff. They do effects like the Flint teleports you 7 Blocks and here is the image:

Oh and I forgot to say DON'T FALL IN LAVA oof! So are next one is Diamond the Diamond spawns a Skeleton to kill the players but if you want that make sure you set it to night time you can do that by pressing the night button in the lobby where you press the button for the Kit PVP game so anyways here is the image:

Our next item is Experience Bottle if you use it you will get speeeed so you can quickly attack your enemies so yeah here is the image for that:

 Our next item is Snowball the snowball gives you a jump boost so you can attack your enemies from the sky so here is the image for that:

Our next item is sugar but sugar only gives you strength so yeah and the apple is just there. So there is no use for it. Now we will show the map:

So now we have a game called spleef. You take a diamond shovel and you break the TNT below your enemie and try to make them fall to the last level witch is LAVA so you can win so here is two pictures of that:

Oh yeah don't fall in the lava. So our next game is Kill Everything Simulator where you kill mobs like zombies and stuff and you have a bunch of options so here is two images again:

Our next game is 1v1 Arena and you go against your friend as a 1v1 so here is a picture of that but I have no one to play with lol: 

And they get Iron armor and an Iron sword so yeah are next game is Juggernaut but there is only one of me so here is the picture the juggernaut gets netherite armor and stuff:

So our last game is Capture The Wool I think but anyway you have to bring your wool to your enemie team side so yeah there are teams and here is the picture:

Now here is a video for the world:

Have fun playing!

Select version for changelog:


Fixed Videos and only added one so yeah have fun!


-Install the mcworld file

-Open it

-Then It will open Minecraft and say world import finished

-Click play and have fun!


  • Minigame_World.mcworld (184.31 KB)

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