Minecraft, But You Can Craft Structures...

An addon which gives you the ability to CRAFT STRUCTURES straight into your world! This pack features 9 unique vanilla structures with RANDOMISED loot! Explore and collect materials to craft structures to gain loot to beat the game!

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9 unique items!

  • Bastion Spawn Egg
  • End City Spawn Egg
  • Nether Fortress Spawn Egg
  • Stronghold Spawn Egg
  • Ocean Monument Spawn Egg
  • Pillager Outpost Spawn Egg
  • Ruined Nether Portal Spawn Egg
  • Desert Temple Spawn Egg
  • Village Spawn Egg



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pls add an ancient city spawn egg next update!!
I wish a dark forest mansion generator could be made, it would be great but I think that I decide to its size for some it is easy to add it to an addon