Minecraft, But you POOP OP Items!!

Get ready for a hilarious and unpredictable adventure with the POOP OP Items Mod for Minecraft Bedrock! This mod adds a new twist to the game, allowing you to poop out OP items whenever you need them. Perfect for players who love wacky and ridiculous concepts, the POOP OP Items Addon is a must-try for Minecraft Bedrock fans.

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Fixed image files,

Added a gif for feature demonstration,

Changed some TOUs,

Added more info to the page,

Updated download link from linkvertise to boostellar

Updated boostellar link w 1 action only

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You only reposted your crouch to get op items addon and slapped on a "dukey" emoji for more downloads.
nah they're different addons.. and this was made cause of some comments i got or smth lmao