Published on February 24, 2021 (Updated on March 21, 2021)

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Addon (Lush Caves Update)

Can you not wait for the Caves and Cliffs update to be released? Would you like to play with some of the new features that haven’t even been added in betas yet now? Well, this addon is for you. It adds some concepts of new features like amethyst, glow berries and more. I hope you enjoy this new addon.

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*Added: Cracked Deepslate Bricks, Cracked Deepslate Tiles, Deepslate Coal Ore, Deepslate Copper Ore, Deepslate Emerald Ore, Infested Deepslate.

*Added Lush Caves generation to “Lush Caves Gen” pack,

*Removed lush caves blocks to avoid conflict with the new beta.

*All deepslate recipes now also work in the stonecutter, and ones that were only available in the stonecutter now also work in the crafting table.

*Updated textures of: Deepslate, Cobbled Deepslate, Spyglass, All Deepslate Ores, Iron Ore, Coal Ore, Diamond Ore.

*Updated generation of stuff again: All new generation features can now generate in negative y levels, deepslate ores are a bit more common, tuff generates more often, deepslate can now only generate in negative y levels meaning it will not generate properly in not beta versions.

*Deepslate and all its variants now make different noises when placed, broken and stepped on.

*Glow Lichen generation now works properly: it only generates in caves on top of blocks, and not inside of them.

*Fixed glow lichen looking really big if you held it in your hand.



  • Minecraft Caves and Cliffs AddonB.mcaddon
  • Minecraft Caves and Cliffs AddonR.mcaddon
  • Dripstone Caves Gen.mcaddon
  • Lush Caves Gen.mcaddon

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OH MY GOD This MOD IS RIGGED and it only works on v1.16 Also what the cork the candles and the amethyst bud is like that.
This AddOn Only Works In Minecraft
JervieA (Momoleaon) June 12, 2021 at 12:01 am
We Have Released 1.17.0 Part 1 In This Release
And Added Candles In Minor Beta (1.17,10,22)
This Addon Will Update Them Soon?
JervieA (Momoleaon) April 25, 2021 at 6:41 am
Theres a Spyglass,Amethyst (Blocks,Buds,Cluster & Shards) And tinted glass Has Been Already Added In beta
Princessfluffybutt44 June 07, 2021 at 6:54 pm
Shut up
I’ll wait for the caves and cliffs update
Delete it
you know the deep dark is not the deepslate layer, kingbdogz tweeted it
Where do i put the files
Bullshit this beta and bullshit this addon beta and bullshit BULLSHIT
Look Thunderlizard48. People work hard to make awesome addons like that. So if you're going to just say bad things to the creator then keep for yourself
Princessfluffybutt44 June 07, 2021 at 6:55 pm
Now I am angry about the gay beta.
MinecrafterBoi123 can you also update the map please they added deepslate variants in the latest beta
Please update to the latest exclusive
can you update the map because they add glow lichen in the latest beta.
plz giant caves iv bin waitin foever (sorry for my wrong enlish I spak spanish)