Minecraft Dungeon Weapons Addon

Do you want weapons from Minecraft Dungeons in your world? If so, then try this addon!!! This addon adds in almost all weapons into your Minecraft world and almost all weapons deal a lot of damage.

This addon adds in weapons from Minecraft Dungeons into your game.

These are all the weapons that are added


6+ Attack Damage

Battlestaff Of Terror

7+ Attack Damage


9+ Attack Damage

Dark Katana

23+ Attack Damage


9+ Attack Damage

Eternal Knife

32+ Attack Damage

Diamond Pickaxe

7+ Attack Damage

(texture is kinda buggy)


18+ Attack Damage


5+ Attack Damage

Double Axe

9+ Attack Damage

Diamond Sword

10+ Attack Damage


5+ Attack Damage

Cursed Axe

60+ Attack Damage


3+ Attack Damage

Frost Scythe

18+ Attack Damage

has a chance of slowing down enemies


73+ Attack Damage 

gives you more health (30HP)

Highland Axe

6+ Attack Damage

Master’s Katana

48+ Attack Damage

Moon Dagger

12+ Attack Damage


7+ Attack Damage

Nightmare’s Bite

47+ Attack Damage

has a chance to poison the enemy


9+ Attack Damage

Nameless Blade

6+ Attack Damage

has a chance to weaken the enemy

Hammer Of Gravity

10+ Attack Damage

teleports near by enemies in front of you and stun them

Great Hammer

10+ Attack Damage

Growing Staff

14+ Attack Damage


6+ Attack Damage


27+ Attack Damage

summons a lightning strike in front of you (you’ll also be immune to lightning while holding it)

Soul Knife

8+ Attack Damage


4+ Attack Damage

Sun’s Grace

14+ Attack Damage

Jailor’s Scythe

42+ Attack Damage

If you want all the weapons at once do

/function mcd_weapons

All the weapons don’t have recipes.

Also, some weapons give you different speed as well!

In the future, I’ll add more weapons, bows, artifacts and some armors.

Changelog View more

- Nerfed the weapons

- Windows 10 players can now use the addon

- Added 9 more weapons

- the Diamond Pickaxe is still buggy. I'll try fixing it.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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57 Responses

4.63 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. Torete9106 says:

    Can you make 3d models pls?

  2. Akhdan says:

    Why my Minecraft is crash?

  3. dadchin says:

    Yes, but I have the behavior pack this addon at the very top.

  4. dadchin says:

    I don’t know if this is a realms bug but I used V3 and when I put on the texture and behavior packs the weapons are held like regular items and when you hit enemies it does the same damage as punching them with your fist.

  5. TaqqyChips says:

    Judging from the demonstration gifs, did you make this add-on on mobile? If so, very impressive!

  6. Mrcool says:

    Can you fix the raid problem,l with this addon on captains dont give you bad omen and raids don’t start in villages with villagers. Thanks, amazing addon!

  7. AZGamerYT4387 says:


  8. EJordan says:

    HEY just wondering can you add trustskeeker, fighter binding, firebrand, maulers, whirlwind, vine whip, fangs of frost, grave bane, fortune spear, whispering speer, venom glaive and soul fists. Keep up the good work!

  9. Scarabus says:

    I can’t download the .Mcpack without zipping anyway that can be fixed?

  10. AFRANI says:

    Mi pregunta es las armas se puede obtener de manera natural en cofres de mazmorras si es asi esta muy bien pero si no seria que pueda ser asi para no estar poniendo el comando ya que seria mas divertido ir a buscarlos 7u7

  11. Scarabus says:

    I’m having trouble trying to download the mod to my desktop, is it possible you could put up a link for it to be downloaded as a .MCpack?

  12. Gamerboythewolf says:

    Ummm it seems cool but I don’t know how to extract a zip file so could you possibly make a download link that isn’t a zip file

  13. LouisV says:

    Please don’t make it so that you have to extract the zip file because it’s time consuming, annoying, and confusing. I spent hours trying to extract the file and failed.

  14. Mrcool says:

    I cant get this addon on my world i have the V2 in the pack section and it wont change to V3

  15. Mrcool says:

    OMG Thank you so much V3 Works for me now THANK YOU!!!!!!

  16. Mrcool says:

    Please make V3 soon I’m working on a Minecraft Dungeons world and i would really like to use those weapons but I’m using windows 10. Thanks!

  17. Mrcool says:

    Please make V3 soon I’m working on a Minecraft Dungeons world and i would really like to use those weapons but I’m using windows 10.

  18. bIgbObs says:

    There is a bug. When you swim down or horizontally, you are still 2 blocks high and can’t enter underwater structures easily

  19. CraftMaster6875 says:

    umm when i try to open a world with the rp and bp its says “At least one of your resource or behavior packs failed to load.”

  20. CraftMaster6875 says:

    How do u get these items in ur world? I’ve tried /give and inventory but it won’t work. whats the namespaced id of ur items?

  21. Jyxzz says:

    It Will Be Very Cool To Add Powerful Mobs So The Weapons Won’t Be To Overpowered And Add Crafting Recipes (Also Love The Addon!!!)

  22. You Koala says:

    Hello good man. With due permission and if you wish. I am making a map of DUNGEONS and wanted to add their addon, obviously they will have the accreditation of the addon

  23. Jackibell says:

    Iโ€™ve been looking for a mod like this for a while so thanks
    Can you also add the amors to this mod as well please

  24. ChatNoir33777 says:

    please make this mod for pc too please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. please add more weapon that would be cool nice addon

  26. AZGamerYT4387 says:

    can u please make the link into mediafire plz

  27. FrostGamerYT says:

    Nice work, might use this for decoration/actual weapons in my minecraft dungeons build in minecraft

  28. Jayy234 says:

    These is a awesome looking mod just wish it was made more for survival with recipes for the weapons and also some are the weapons are super overpowered could you make it maybe more survival friendly?

  29. I changed the function command
    /function mcd_weapons

  30. MinecraftMaster99 says:

    plss fix the download

  31. Jozue says:

    Please add the items example the corrupted beacon

  32. Nice job man!! Keep it up!!

  33. Big oof…
    The weapons have durability. I forgot it :/
    If you want all the weapons do
    /function Minecraft_Dungeon_Weapons

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