Published on January 17, 2021 (Updated on November 07, 2021)

Minecraft Earth Addon

This addon adds more than 40 unique mobs from Minecraft Earth into the game with their original models, textures, animations, and sounds. Includes mobs such as the Glow Squid, Moobloom, Cluckshroom, and Jolly Llama. This addon will be updated to include more features from Minecraft Earth.

Addon created by BrandonItaly. (Twitter)

All of the mobs included in this addon have the possibility to spawn naturally throughout your world. They also have the ability to blink!

This addon includes all of the following mobs and items:


  • Moobloom
  • Moolip
  • Wooly Cow
  • Umbra Cow
  • Ashen Cow
  • Albino Cow
  • Dairy Cow
  • Sunset Cow
  • Pinto Cow
  • Cream Cow
  • Cookie Cow


  • Rocky Sheep
  • Patched Sheep
  • Long Nosed Sheep
  • Inky Sheep
  • Fuzzy Sheep
  • Flecked Sheep
  • Rainbow Sheep
  • Horned Sheep


  • Mottled Pig
  • Spotted Pig
  • Pink Footed Pig
  • Sooty Pig
  • Piebald Pig
  • Pale Pig
  • Muddy Pig


  • Skewbald Chicken
  • Stormy Chicken
  • Amber Chicken
  • Bronzed Chicken
  • Cluckshroom
  • Fancy Chicken
  • Midnight Chicken
  • Gold Crested Chicken


  • Muddy Foot Rabbit
  • Vested Rabbit
  • Harelequin Rabbit
  • Freckled Rabbit
  • Bold Striped Rabbit
  • Jumbo Rabbit

Other Mobs:

  • Jolly Llama
  • Melon Golem
  • Skeleton Wolf
  • Tropical Slime
  • Bone Spider
  • Glow Squid
  • Furnace Golem
  • Viler Witch

This addon also includes the following items and blocks:

  • Buttercup
  • Pink Daisy
  • Fancy Feather
  • Horn
  • Rainbow Bed
  • Rainbow Wool
  • Rainbow Carpet

Select version for changelog:

  • Removed the Glow Squid
  • Added prancing animations to the Jolly Llama
  • Added Rainbow Wool, Rainbow Carpet, and the Rainbow Bed to the Creative Inventory
  • Decreased the spawn rate of the Bone Spider as it was spawning too commonly
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Ocelot to be invisible
  • Fixed an issue that caused Tropical Fish to use the incorrect textures
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Witch to use the incorrect animations
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Rainbow Sheep to be sheared infinitely


This addon requires experimental gameplay to function properly!


  • EarthMobs.mcaddon (13.34 MB)

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4.62 / 5 (37 votes)
Pufavor fais uma nova atualização pra esse addon tipo o golem fornalha pode taca fogo nos inimigos a monblom quando anda ela poderia deixa flores e atrair as abelhas e os outros novos mobs tipo o zumbi que escala eo gato rocho pufavor
Please separate download links
I really hope the deletion of the additional modding features that Gametest will replace wont mean this mod will be abandoned, but please if you make a rewrire update, don't delete the old addon based on soon to be deleted api as some players play on different versions
The animals are very pretty and I like everyone's aesthetics ... but cows don't give you milk, and sheep don't eat grass so once you cut the wool it doesn't grow back.

I mention it because we only find the new forms in a survival game and we try to breed them but we can't ... I tried it in 1.18 and those are the mechanics not available with the addon animals
Adorable, but it needs a few touchs. but other than that, i reccomend this for any people who like a little bit of adorableness but a but of adventure.
This addon is good, but I hope the author updates the features for Melon Golem and furnace Golem to add more attack capabilities
Atualizem para a 1.17 por favor
BrandonItaly, could you add some things missing from this Addon? Thesse things are:
Mobs: Dried Muddy Pig, Mob of Me, Bouldering Zombie, Lobber Zombie, Dyed Cat and Pink Moobloom.
Items and Blocks: Bucket of Mud, Mud (Liquid), Ruby and Ruby Block.
He should also remove the Glow Squid because its already in the game
This addon is very good at making your world be much more lively with various mobs & items to discover. The only problem I see with this addon is that it will mess up three vanilla mobs such as, ocelots being invisible, tropical fish and glow squid textures being bugged. Would definitely redownload this addon if it got a 1.17 update to fix its issues.
These issues are fixed in the next update!
Pls update this to 1.17🙏
I really enjoyed the addon you please update it for 1.17, I’m not able to use it anymore
its a good addon but it has a lot of weird bugs like the ocelot being pink and the skeleton spider not being aggressive and the new cows not being able to be milked and sheeps not being able to get wool again and chickens not laying eggs and because of all those new mobs the normal mobs become rarer and the new mobs being useless
the new rainbow beds are also useless and 1 first block in the bed is a ghost block
and some of the Minecraft earth mobs arent added like the lobber zombie and builder zombie
its a good addon but it has a lot of glitches which makes it less enjoyable
Nice add-on, there are just many bugs, including the ocelot that have no texture anymore. It would be five stars if those were fixed.
Is the bone wolf tameble