Published on May 22, 2022

Minecraft Infinitium

Have you ever wanted to trap [Play With] your friends forever? Don't want them to be able to ever leave?Well have I got the troll pack for you! This fun little prank pack promises to make your funs have fun forever!


  • Minecraft_Infinitium_.mcpack (35.89 KB)

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This is pure evil AND I LOVE IT SM
I got a trick of my sleeve who leaving the Minecraft and then we joining Minecraft
majin sonic ever said: fun is infinite
For it to work you have to put it on top of all the other packs you have active. Packs are applied in order from top to bottom so make sure to do that! It might take restarting Minecraft once as well to make it work!
Yes, that's what I need to keep people in my world.