Published on March 21, 2022

Untitled Chicken Game (Survival Challenge)

Have you ever heard of "Untitled Goose Game?" Well... There isn't Geese in Minecraft, but hey, There are chickens! Introducing: Untitled Chicken Game, The Bedrock Edition Survival Challenge! Mr Goose will be very very annoying, Are you ready? Cause he's ready to play!


  • Untitled_Chicken_Game.mcworld (926.02 KB)

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This is urgent
it does not work it says the game has been updated and then it says unable to connect
That means you need to Update your minecraft to be able to play this! Its for 1.18.12!
I’m highly offended because you removed the goose and replaced it with my horrible chicken cousin, but overall it’s a nice map 5 stars