Published on November 14, 2020 (Updated on December 16, 2021)

Minecraft Live 2020 Addon

Are you really satisfied with Minecraft Live 2020 Mob Vote result? Did you also vote for Iceologer or Moobloom? Of course, you did! The results are quite unfortunate this year, don't you think so? It's already decided that Glow Squid will be added to Minecraft. It looks like you have no way to change that. However, this is not entirely true, as with this addon you can add all these 3 mobs to the game.

Creator: Nogard (Twitter, YouTube, RedditFacebook)

Don't you seek another challenge?

Imagine yourself exploring desolate mountains covered with snow. Nobody anywhere. You are completely alone, lost in the middle of pointed peaks. Oh, and it's snowing! Suddenly a villager dressed in blue appears in your view (isn't it a rhyme?).

What, the blue villager? He doesn't really look like a wandering trader, this one is different. I've never seen him before! Your last chance for a rescue? Maybe, but what you know for sure is that you have to follow him to find out who he really is. 

So, you are slowly approaching him. You are still looking at him from a far distance. You see his dark gray eyebrows and his red eyes.  

Hmm, he doesn't look as friendly as you first thought. In fact, he looks pretty scary.

Nevertheless, you will try to get even closer to him.

At the moment, he suddenly spot you. Silence. Just you and a strange blue little man in the middle of desolate mountains.  

Suddenly, he begins to raise his hands, as if he is casting a spell. What is happening?

Above yourself, you see a huge cloud of ice.

You have no chance to get out from under the ice cloud. The ice cloud is falling on you. You lost two and a half hearts + another half a heart by falling.  

What are you going to do now?

Wait, are you just dreaming?

No! With Minecraft Live 2020 you can make this adventure real. Download the add-on and complete your story!

Glow Squid

Glow Squid won this year's Mob Vote, so this shiny entity originally from Minecraft Earth will be added to Minecraft - probably in version 1.17. This addon gives you the chance to try this entity out today! Glow Squid is interesting mainly because of it's shimmering texture. In all other cases, however, this entity is identical to the original Squid, which was added really long time ago - in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0. The positive thing is that in Minecraft 1.17 we get snowier snow and glowier oceans, but honestly I'm waiting for dirtier dirt! Haha, I'm just kidding, of course. If we don't get new material and a render controller for animated textures with this entity, I'll be seriously disappointed.


Iceologer is a brand new mob from Minecraft Dungeons. Yes, if you read the story at the beginning, you already know that it is a hostile entity. Iceologer would be a great specialty of the otherwise desolate snowy mountains that will come to us in the Minecraft 1.17 Update. It is an entity with a completely new attacking technique. Iceologer throws clouds of ice to players, snowgolems, iron golems, wandering traders and villagers. Glow Squid won by only 5.4 % in the final vote over Iceologer.

People were apparently affected due to the 2018 vote, when Phantom won. That's pretty much why they didn't vote for another hostile mob - Iceologer.


Moobloom is a new type of cow originally from Minecraft Earth. It is a peaceful mob living in flower fields. Like Mooshroom, you can shear this cow to get the flowers that grow on it. Like other types of cows, this one also gives milk. The developers also mentioned mysterious interaction with bees, unfortunately we didn't receive further information. This entity was eliminated in the first round of voting, finishing 6.5 % behind Iceologer, who was only 2.1 % behind Glow Squid in the first round.


The addon contains all 3 already mentioned mobs. All these mobs have fully implemented functionality, animations, sounds, compatibility with all 29 Minecraft supported languages, custom particles, spawn rules, loot tables and much more!

The mobs design, textures and sounds used in the Minecraft Addon are the property of their respective owners. (Mojang) Please keep the official download link, when you share the addon. The Minecraft Live 2020 Addon is protected by copyright law.


Since the squid glow has already been added to the game in update 1.17, I decided to create a version without it. So the addon contains only mobs that have not been added and will probably never be added to the game: Iceologer and Moobloom. This version is created at the request of the community, thank you for the tip. The original version remains the same and is still available for download.

Download links:

Iceologer, Moobloom Addon.mcaddon

Iceologer, Moobloom


Minecraft Live 2020 Addon trailer:

Minecraft Live 2020 Addon trailer:

You will find all the important information in the trailer!

Select version for changelog:


Iceologer is now hunched over, even if he doesn't attack an entity, thank you for this suggestion. Added suport for Minecraft Bedrock 1.18 Caves and Cliffs part 2 Update.

Edited manifest.json: 

  • Edited description
  • Added new UUIDS (no duplication with older version)


Download Minecraft Live 2020 Addon.mcaddon, click on the file in a file explorer to import into Minecraft. Importing will occur automatically. Once it is finished, choose a world, go to Add-Ons section and enable resource and behavior pack for the world. When you import one of the packs, the second one should be enabled automatically, thanks to defined dependencies in manifest.json. Now you can download a version that adds Iceologer and Moobloom only (without Glow Squid): Iceologer, Moobloom Addon V1.1.mcaddon

Download Minecraft Live 2020 Addon V1.1.mcaddon

If you prefer to download the addon in .zip file, then you have to unzip it. Inside of this package you will find Minecraft Live 2020 RP.mcpack and Minecraft Live 2020 BP.mcpack. Import one after another of packs to Minecraft and then do the same procedure for your world as listed above. Now you can download a version that adds Iceologer and Moobloom only (without Glow Squid): Iceologer, Moobloom Addon

Download Minecraft Live 2020

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is this compatible with the newer updates? i dont want to have 2 types of glow squid at once
This is cool. The only problem I have with it is the Iceologer isn't hunched over like the official one that was going to be added. I've seen an addon that correctly does this, it was called Frosted Expansion. But still maybe make the Iceologer hunched over like the official one in Dungeons. Thanks.
Thank you for the feedback. As far as I know, he is hunched over only when he attacks, which I have implemented. But let me take a closer look.
Hello Nogard. Amazing mod!! I have been wating for someone to make this mod!
I do have some questions:
Will you be adding or making a separate mod for the Hvering Inferno, Great Hunger and the Monster Of The Ocean Deapths. Because that would be awseome and i have also been waiting for a mod like that.
Also mabye the interaction with bee's and moobloom's is that the bees could possibly polinate the flowers on the moobloom?
Can I use the Iceologer and the Ice cloud files as a reference for coding my custom mob? I promise I'll credit you once I uploaded my mod here in mcpedl.
Question, will the iceologer spawn and/or attack in peaceful mode?
pov:you have the update already
Its somehow sad that the community is faster on creating mobs then Mojang itself
makng addons its not the same thing as coding a new mob in game.
Can the glow squid drop glow ink? It would add a cool way to add neon lights to minecraft.
I love this mod, the drops are reasonable and the models are spectacular

my feedback:

Glow squid: can you make it drop some neon ink sac or something?

Iceologer: In one of my worlds: they spawn sometimes in a plains biome and not cold places (mountains and such)

Moobloom: Since they had an interaction with bees why can't bees pollinate from their flowers?

Other than the iceologer, the above are suggestions. I recommend this add-on for everyone. Thank you for making this.
Can you add an addon that add only the moobloom
just extract it from the pack :b
You know how in java, you can get suspicious stew by putting flowers and other junk in a bowl? well, how about you add suspicious stew to the addon and make it obtainable by milking the moobloom with a bowl?
Amazing Addon. I love the custom animation and custom sound you're implemented in it. But the original squid texture have problem. Hope you're fixing that soon.
Wow! It Looks Like You Add These Minecraft Live 2020 Mobs To Minecraft
Personally I hate the glow squid but atleast i can know what to expect
MrAgentBlaze's Second Account November 14, 2020 at 7:29 am
Finally, i can now test my glow squid geno- i mean farm machine
You were gonna say genocide. It's okay. No shame in killing loads of glow squids because they were lame and everyone who voted for it was an idiot. No, I'm serious. I'd do it too.