Published on June 10, 2020 (Updated on August 11, 2021)

Minecraft Manhunt [v1.7.1]

Minecraft Manhunt is an add-on which brings many manhunt concepts by Dream from the Java Edition of Minecraft into Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The basic concept of the add-on is the speedrunner needs to beat Minecraft before the hunter kills the speedrunner.

The Speedrunner's goal is to beat Minecraft, if they beat Minecraft or before the timer ends depending on the gamemode you're playing on which you haven't got killed by hunter(s), the speedrunner wins. If the speedrunner died, they lose instantly.


The Hunter's goal is to kill the speedrunner by the end of beating Minecraft or the timer ends. Hunter(s) has/have a compass which can track the speedrunner. Remember the compass works only in the overworld dimension, or last location if the speedrunner is in the Nether. Also, the hunter has unlimited amount of life (excludes Minecraft Item Randomizer gamemode), the compass the game gives you cannot be moved, dropped, crafted with and the compass is not lost on death.


Features applied on this Add-on:

  • This game should have chosen the one who host the world to become speedrunner, rest of them are hunters.
  • This game requires a resource pack and a behavior pack in order to activate, or else Minecraft will pop up an error about incompatibility.
  • The Add-on setups the game automatically on a brand new world.
  • One of the hunters need to hold the compass in order to track the direction of the speedrunner.
  • When hunter dies, only the compass is kept in the inventory.
  • Hunters have the compass in order to track the direction of the speedrunner. IT DOES NOT WORK IN THE NETHER NOR IN THE END DIMENSION


There are 6 concepts included in this Add-on, including:

Multiplayer gamemodes (requires 2+ people to start the game)

  • Minecraft Manhunt
  • Minecraft Hitmen
  • Minecraft Juggernaut
  • Minecraft Item Randomizer (Minecraft Random Item Challenge by Dream)
  • Minecraft Assassin

Singleplayer gamemodes (compatible with multiplayer)

  • Terminator Manhunt


Minecraft Manhunt

  • The speedrunner has to beat the ender dragon before getting killed by the hunters.
  • This game requires 2 players or more to start the game.


Minecraft Hitmen

  • The speedrunner has to survive 1 hour before getting killed by the hunters.
  • The speedrunner also win if they beat Minecraft in under an hour.
  • This game requires 2 players or more to start the game.
  • If you think 1 hour is too long to survive, you can execute this command to change the time: /scoreboard players set @a[tag=host] time_m <count: integer (minutes)>


Minecraft Juggernaut

  • The hunters have FULL DIAMOND ARMOR and a compass, and the speedrunner has NOTHING when they start the game.
  • The hunters' diamond armor given at the start will keep in inventory when they die unless you dropped them during the game.
  • The speedrunner wins by beating Minecraft, just like the original Minecraft Manhunt's concept
  • This game requires 2 players or more to start the game


Minecraft Item Randomizer (or Minecraft Random Item Challenge vs Hunters)

This gamemode or concept is similar to Minecraft Manhunt - The host becomes the speedrunner and the rest are hunters.

  • The hunters and speedrunner have 1 life only
  • The hunters do not have the compass
  • There is a 1000x1000 border across all dimensions, if you are outside of the border the system will teleport back to inside the border.
  • Everyone gets a random type of item for every 2 minutes
  • Anything dropped on ground disappears instantly (with the exception of a 5 second cooldown after a random type of item was given to everyone).
  • The item dropped on the ground during the cooldown can be collected by anyone unlike the original concept by Dream
  • Everyone has to try and use the item to kill their enemy
  • When the host setups and starts the game, the add-on teleports everyone to 0,0 to make sure they are within the border.


Minecraft Assassin

  • The assassins have the ability to kill the speedrunner in one hit
  • When the speedrunner look at the assassin, they will get frozen and will not able to move at all


Minecraft Terminator

  • This gamemode supports singleplayer! Which means this game only requires 1 player or more to start the game.
  • The terminator is not included in this Add-on, you need to install the Terminator Add-on and the manhunt Add-on in order to activate the Add-on successfully.
  • The terminator add-on in the installation is intended to be compatible with the manhunt Add-on
  • All the players joined the game become speedrunners, and the terminator becomes the hunter
  • The terminator will be spawned when the host executes /function start
  • There is a reason of not making the terminator Add-on in this Manhunt Add-on: The terminator has a lot of bugs and glitches which the add-on will be uploaded from time to time and updating both add-on will be a waste of time
  • Download the terminator:


Additional features

Multi-speedrunners support

  • This add-on supports 2 speedrunners or more in a single game
  • You need to select all speedrunners before the game starts by executing /tag <entity:target> add speedrunner


Change speedrunner

  • The player who host the world becomes a speedrunner by default
  • The host can change themselves to become a hunter by executing /tag <entity:target> add speedrunner before the game starts, which selects other player as a speedrunner and the add-on will automatically change your role


The compass

In order to increase client and server performance, one of the hunters must hold the compass in order to locate speedrunner's direction. The compass will update speedrunner's direction every 1 second.

The compass the add-on gives to the hunters cannot be moved, dropped, crafted with and the compass is not lost on death.


Spectator mode

  • This feature uses when 2+ speedrunners are in the same game

When one of the speedrunners dies, they will respawn and they will become a spectator.

  • Spectators cannot deal damages to speedrunner or hunter
  • Spectators has invisibility effect when the game is running
  • Spectator mode disables when the game is ended or in lobby stage


Grace period (experimental)

This feature only works in the following gamemodes:

  1. Minecraft Manhunt
  2. Minecraft Hitmen
  3. Minecraft Juggernaut
  4. Minecraft Item Randomizer
  5. Minecraft Assassin
  • Enabling grace period disables PVP at the start of the game
  • If grace period is enabled before the game started, the game will enable PVP in 1 minute after the game started
  • Grace period is disabled by default

Enabling and disabling grace period

/function settings/graceperiod/true - The game will enable grace period for all the players.

  • You must execute this command before starting the game
  • Please make sure the following text appears to make sure you enable grace period

/function settings/graceperiod/false - The game will disable grace period for all the players.

  • You must execute this command before starting the game
  • Please make sure the following text appears to make sure you disable grace period


Inspired by:

Dream - YouTube, Twitter

GeorgeNotFound - YouTube, Twitter


Created by:

Special thanks to:

  • ItsMeJacob21 for the logo (MCPEDL)
  • r4isen1920 for the Ender Dragon death event (MCPEDL)


Trailer for the Add-on:


Important information regarding to this Add-on:

Please do not reupload this Add-on on other sources, the only legitimate one is MCPEDL and my GitHub Repository

When you are uploading a video about the add-on, you must credit the add-on by leaving a link ( in the description and do not use the thumbnail on the add-on post or on the trailer as your video thumbnail.


If there are bugs and feedbacks with the Add-on, please report them to the my Discord server (

Select version for changelog:


Release 1.7.1

This is the first public release for Minecraft Manhunt v1.7

Add-on Changelog

Minecraft Manhunt

  • Added grace period setting

Minecraft Hitmen

  • Added grace period setting

Minecraft Juggernaut

  • Added grace period setting

Minecraft Assassin

  • Added Minecraft Speedrunner vs Assassin (Minecraft Assassin).
  • Added grace period setting

Terminator Manhunt

  • Gamemode name has been changed for future updates
  • Removed regeneration effect from the terminator due to its ability of respawning.
  • Manhunt is now incompatible with Terminator add-on version 1.0 or below
  • Fixed tellraw errors

Minecraft Item Randomizer

  • Added grace period setting
  • Fixed a critical bug
  • Added slow falling if players are spawned in the air


The download link will redirect you to linkvertise and mediafire. After downloading the Add-on from mediafire and importing the Add-On to Minecraft, make sure both resource pack and behavior pack are imported so you do not have the error related to incompatible when applying the Add-on.


If you want to download beta versions of Minecraft Manhunt Add-on, join the Discord server or get access to the GitHub repository by downloading and activating the Add-on.

1. Download the Add-on from Linkvertise, it will redirect you to Mediafire

2. Import the addon into Minecraft 

3. Create a brand new world (recommended) and you must enable these options in world settings

4. Choose the resolution you want to play with (Default gamemode is Minecraft Manhunt)

5. To setup the add-on, there are few instructions that must be followed:

  • You must join the world before anyone else could

If anyone joined the world before you, you can exit the world and the join to see if you're the first person to join. Once you joined again you must move in order for the game to setup.

  • You need to walk on the world as the add-on detects player's movement to setup the addon
  • When the addon finished its' setup, you should be able to see the following text:
  • Execute /function start when you see this actionbar


Download archives

If you are interested in downloading previous versions of Minecraft Manhunt add-on: 

  • Download them from my Manhunt GitHub repository which you can find it by joining the support discord server. You can also download beta versions of Minecraft Manhunt add-on in the Discord server if you want to.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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¿Cuál es el comando para reiniciar los modos de juego?
Cuando juego con mis amigos soy el Speedrunner, me matan pero sólo me quedo como espectador...
Es tedioso estar creando mundos cada vez que jugamos...
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I can’t use modded version of it like juggernaut or randomiser all I can do is set it to normal or competitive mode, can you please fix this bug.
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Why add speedrunner and change speedrunner use the same command?
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Best mod/addon for me... But☹️can you pls help from the minecract hitman...cause idk how to put 1hr to 3mns...idk how to rewrite the command... Can you give a example? ☹️
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Minecraft, not minecract
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Guess what will happen when /tag add speedrunner
A. Multi-speedrunner
B. Change speedrunner
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I cant download it how do i?
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Why is my gamemode in adventure and i cant hit anything?
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hm, interesting. It would be better if you provide screenshots explaining your problem in Discord.
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Wait can you give me the terminator addon link?
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can you add the heartbeat to the speedrunner and hunter when they are close to each other? And also i think that you haven't added the green text for The compass is now pointing to
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I hope you all enjoy! Tell me any bugs, questions and feedbacks in Discord so we can resolve it quickly.
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Why does it say unable to start game?
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how to import the addon to minecraft
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The texture pack takes A ETERNITY to load, would totally throw in the garbage
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