Minecraft titles pack

SO you wanna change your minecraft title on the start screen? this pack let you do! prank your friends that different title on other version (LOL)this is also attractive and good showcase.NOTE:-In the pack thumbnail I have used mixed everything in one page, NO! the pack won't be like that! Its an thumbnail representing in game content!! ⚠️

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Updated files

Images quality increased.

Fixed bugs with not working when using with other mods. Now that works with any other mods too.


  • All in one ZIP file (mediafire)
  • CavesAndCliffs1.17.mcaddon (104.91 KB)
  • Minecraft_titles_pack_by_TheAmazingBoyYT.zip (980.26 KB)
  • MinecraftPeAlpha.mcaddon (169.79 KB)
  • TheNetherUpdate_1.16title.mcaddon (309.17 KB)
  • TheWildUpdate1.19title.mcaddon (468.36 KB)

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