Published on September 18, 2020 (Updated on September 18, 2020)

Minecraft Wipe Out Parkour Map

This is a tricky Minecraft Parkour map that will teach you how to do parkour in Minecraft, it has all the latest blocks and updates in Minecraft and it will test your Minecraft skills!

 This is a Minecraft addon map for all types of Minecraft. It is a tricky parkour map that i would suggest using if you are looking for a beginners guide to parkour. for a sneek peek video of the map go to my new channel and watch the trailer.

There is allot of barriers and command blocks in use if you every bump into an invisible wall, well that's what it is.

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Enjoy This map and come back for more maps and addons!

The Lava course.This is the Map hub which you can look around and explore the town and climb the big tree at the end of the town.

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I added a better description and added links to my channel and map trailer. I also added descriptions on most of the photos.


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  • My World.mcworld

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Too good map bro and needyllama please don't copy paste builds from appa on play store try to make yours
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Bro really too good map you should make more
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Sorry Sorry I'm not kidding don't feel bad, by the way check my first map pls
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im glad your not kidding it took a month to complete and its my first addon, I downloaded your addon and think u should make a yt channel. I made another addon u should check out!
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Thanks did u subscribe to my yt channel the link is
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