Published on October 27, 2019 (Updated on October 27, 2019)

[MineMusic] MCBE Rhysum Game

MineMusic [RhithmGame]
This is a Rhythm Game inspired DanceDanceRevolution!
You can play this game by walking in Minecraft.
6 songs which are rich in variety are included in this game and I will add new songs in the future!


Supported Minecraft versions

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Or dadbattle maybe Spookeez
U can add hmmmm Among drip song lols
File pls
Update to 1.16 please
Plz add sub urban cradles
please add the day by porno graffitti
The map is pretty good tho
The sans boss fight is way to hard. Plus with the lag it is even harder!
Amazing map!!! I love that all the songs used are made from Japanese composers. Just a few suggestions for future songs, how about adding songs like “初音ミクの消失” or “p names” for other extreme hard songs, and for people who like J rock “シグナル” or “会心の一撃(radwimpsの方)”, maybe adding some more relaxed songs like “三月がずっと続けばいい” or “小さな恋の歌” would be nice too. And to fit the retro theme, “Sonic- green hill zone” or “Super mario bros. Original theme” would be nice too. Lastly, for all the otakus out there, adding some anime songs would be nice too. From newer famous anime like “ピースサイン” from MHA or “五等分の気持ち” from Gotoubun no Hanayome to older ones like the first Dragon ball theme to Naruto’s first season’s opening. I sincerely hope this map becomes successful and that you people will get the fame you deserve for it!!!
I tried to impirted to my minecraft 1.12 version they say a newer version of the app had been saved the world so i tried 1.13 beta than it crashes pls fix the problem
This map is amazing
Can you add a songs that name "shinzou wo sasageyo"???
Really really fun map! I can tell that you put a ton of time and effort into making this map and it definitely paid off. I would love to see more songs.
Great! A little laggy but still great!
Adding some retro music like Super Mario Bros World 1-1 and Tetris Type A would be great, along with newer songs like “Last Surprise” from Persona 5, or maybe even some YouTube songs like “Life is Fun” by TheOdd1sOut and “Congratulations” by Pewdiepie

Again, Great world so far! Also I wanna know how you did the Megalovania game over screen, that was cool!
Now this looks cool and original
Amazing map!! Little laggy but lowering the render distance fixes most of it. I love that most of the songs are Japanese. How about adding “Hatsune miku no shoushitsu” or “Let’s say the P names” for extreme hard, and perhaps some anime character theme songs as well, like “Kamado Tanjiro no uta” from Kimetsu no Yaiba or “Rainbow Days!!!” from New game! For any otaku who might play this. And to fit the retro theme and the japanese songs, perhaps add “Sonic- Green hill zone” or “Super mario bros World 1-1”?
Just some suggestions, since I too listen to a lot of Japanese songs, with a playlist filled with over 400 of the ones that I have listened to until now. Good luck with the map, and I sincerely hope that this becomes a very famous map!!