Published on December 27, 2019 (Updated on December 27, 2019)

Minepocalypse v1

The Apocalypse is coming to Minecraft Bedrock Edition! Minepocalypse brings in apocalyptic themed weapons and items to the Minecraft world!

Classic and iconic zombie-slaying weapons such as the Fire Axe, Crowbars and Katana! As well as bandages, medkits, adrenaline shots and painkillers. Can you stay a step ahead of the dead?


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I would suggest making the hatchet throwable but keep it meelee too
please update this addon its quite good only problem is you didn't put the painkiller recipe in the picture
Add Guns plssss
Update the add-on
Hey,can I update your dayz addons?I like that addons very much!
I think you have done a good job on this addon and can’t wait for the next update
how do create barbed wire
never mind
Hi i like the add on can you plz add guns in the mod and some generated structure s like abandon houses that would give it a feel of a apocalypse XD but anyways i like it
doesn't work in my minecraft...
Could you use a mediafire link
Hi, hexdro, I would like to suggest that you add to your mod weapons such as a guitar, a chainsaw, a hammer, not only a bone knife, but also a bone ax and also non-round weapons, I have a design I can give
I use your mod on my DayZ Chernarus Map, Nice Work!
Xbox GT: Flexushave
Can you add soldiers and bandits, npcs that can get infected by zombies when they die. And please add guns
Could you please make a ZIP file? I need it in order to play this addon, it looks so good!!!
You can make it a zip file lol