Published on December 16, 2019 (Updated on January 07, 2020)

Simple Lightsabers Version 2

Have you ever wanted a slice of Star Wars in Minecraft? Now you can follow your dreams of being a Jedi (or Sith) with the Simple Lightsabers v2 Addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition!

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Simple Lightsabers Version 2 Adds:

  • Kylo Ren's Lightsaber
  • The Darksaber
  • White Coloured Lightsabers
  • New Lightsaber Type (Lightsaber Pikes)
  • Force Abilities:
  • Force Sprint, Leap, Heal
  • New Item - Force Energy (drops when killing mobs, used to craft force abilities.)


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I can't download it
Can I use this for a map that I’m making?
why you not update
I think that the crafting recipes need to be changed. At the moment it doesn't feel realistic enough. It would be cool if you could implement kyber crystals and etc
realism is the last thing you are gonna get in a mod where you kill fake monsters to get a non existent laser sword to hunt pretend psychic powers.
The lightsabers don’t do enough damage they about as much as a stone sword
So I was trying to fix it but the regualr minecraft keeps on overiding it. Help?
te dejare un video de sables de luz para que tengas mas creatividad y no solo esten esas y pero esta en español y podrias aser que se puedan encantar
has una de las pistolas laser de star wars para minecraft 1.14+ as uno
Not working I downloaded refreshed it because it wasn't working. I was with my brother and i tried making the red pike and it did not work. Please fix this.
for the people who think the pikes ruin the lightsabers just use a Darksaber or Kylo Ren saber
Just make the lightsaber the shield so you can block and hit stuff. and make lightsabers one hit kill.

Shield=look like lightsaber
Shield=only thing that block lightsaber
Shield=kill thing in one hit like a real Star Wars lightsaber

Great addon nice mechanics but in my opinion it would be funnier like this
Fun not funny
Making stronger weapons (the pikes) renders the lightsabers useless even though this addon is specifically made for regular lightsabers that everyone knows about. Maybe give special abilities for each lightsaber hilt-type or crystal without putting them to waste.
Could you please make it so the lightsabers can be swung fast and that they all do better damage in general so they can be better than enchanted diamond swords, or just make them enchantable. Also could you make it so that when you crouch you can fully dodge attacks, kind of like a shield would.
The sabers dont deal any additional attack damage. They're basically as good as bricks. What can I do to fix?
please add a force choke
Make it so the lightsabers can retract.also make double sabers. Thx
Will work on Dual Sabers and stuff for Version 3! I hope you enjoy the Addon :)
Please add force choke it would be cool for a SW map im making