Published on June 12, 2022

Mini Golf

Welcome to Minecraft mini golf. This only took me a few ours to make. in this map, you are given the choice to choose 1 of 4 color golf ball. After you do that, you go to the first hole. At the end of a hole, there is a hopper. The hopper is used as the hole. The hopper/hole is the target to complete the hole. To get the ball in the hole, you must drop the ball and let it slide on the green wool carpet. Drop the ball like you're giving another player an item. Stay behind the green carpet when you take your first hit. If you want to keep track of score, you can play par, that is given on the sign at the beginning of a hole, or you can just count up the total amount of hits it took you to finish the whole course. There are 18 mini holes. If you don't know how to use par or don't completely understand it, I recommend just counting the total amount of hits. Good luck.


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Fun map, well made