Published on June 12, 2020 (Updated on June 12, 2020)

Mini Turret Addon

Have you ever wanted something to protect you while mining, exploring the world, being afk, or anything else in-between? Then may I present to you my Mini Turret Addon.

Now what does this addon add you may ask? It adds 1 mob called the Mini Turret.

Mini Turret:

This Mob has 16 max hp,

Shoots Arrows every attack interval of 1-2 mins and shoots 2 arrows every burst interval of 0.5,

Attacks all monsters except enderman (for obvious reasons) and ghasts (bc of some random bug),

Will never purposely attack players or other mini turrets,

Can't move or be pushed but can ride on players,

Max of 2 turrets can be on 1 player,

Will attack in groups like wolves or zombie pigmen/piglins,

Takes no knockback,

Can be "tamed" with iron ingots (will always be 1 ingot) to attack whatever you attack or get attacked by,

When "tamed" it'll shoot the same slowness arrows that strays shoot instead of regular arrows,

"Tamed" turrets don't teleport to their owner when they get to far away,

All turrets can be healed with any iron resource (nugget (1 hp), ingot (3 hp), and block (6 hp)) or any redstone resource (dust (3 hp) and block (6 hp)).

Now you know about my turret but how would you get your hands on 1 or more? Well grab some emeralds and start looking for some wandering traders

But they won't always have a turret on them and will instead let you trade your iron or redstone resources for emeralds

But beware they can rip you off

Mini Turrets in-game

Now you know all about my mini turret addon so why don't you try it out.


You May

Edit for personal use but can't upload it anywhere without my permission,

Make an addon showcase video of the addon but you must give credits and use this mcpedl link,

Have Fun!

You May Not

Upload the addon anywhere,

Steal my work,

Claim that my work is actually yours,

Claim that i stole the addon, sprites, models, etc as i made everything of the addon myself,

Post/share the download link anywhere,

Make money off of my addon.

Installation Guide:

Click the download button, Open the file in mcbe, Add the behavior files and resource files to your world, enjoy :)

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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well, i looked up monika and i saw your skin, so i looked up ddlc in the mcpedl search bar, but it never showed up, so i looked up doki in the offical minecraft store, and, did you guys know that there is a ddlc skin pack you can get for minecoins?
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also good mod
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Is there any way to edit this so the turrets don't get on your shoulders?
Thanks a lot :D
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I think you should add more variety of turrets like a flying one that follows you around but still retain the small body like the original turret of the addon.
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How do you let the turrets ride on your shoulders?
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just walk up to it like getting a parrot or a backpack from the backpack addon on you just don't crouch and it'll randomly get on you but prefers to protect so it'll attack monsters nearby first before getting on your shoulders
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A question: how can i take them of the player's shoulder?
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you crouch then jump
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i really like the addon :) plus can you add a stronger type of turret
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also feel free to leave me suggestions for my addon as all suggestions are appreciated. also a question for any addon makers out there reading this and have messed with the aux value of arrows for entities could you plz tell me all of the available aux values for arrows as i plan on making it where you could swap what type of arrow the mini turret shoots when it's already "tamed"
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Great Addon! I just wanted to ask if i am able to share this awesome addon too my friends.(This site page)
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To be honest, creator.. There's actually an original creator called Vernian LEMO (On YouTube and here on mcpedl) that made the idea. But, since you made the remastered version of this, I applaud you for it. I'm not calling you out that you're stealing his idea, because I believe you. Don't worry, fam.
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wow i never seen smth like my mini turret on mcpedl already which is why i assumed it wasn't really done before but thx for the info
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Hola bro te pido el permiso para hacer un video de tu addon con los requisitos que pides que es darte el crédito
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then go ahead and make the video also when it's uploaded to youtube (or anywhere for that matter) could you please send me a link of your video on here or in a discord dm my tag is Monika#6030
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