Published on March 24, 2021 (Updated on November 29, 2021)

Miniature Structures (1.17 Support)

Have you ever wanted to have some smaller and way cuter structures?

Me neither but i made it anyway :)

Idk why i made it.

It just felt like it should have been done at this point.


This is a small village I made to better showcase the addon, I hope you like it:)


NOTE: Enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in your world options in order to use this addon!!!

Code made with bridge

Textures with

3D models made with Blockbench

This add on adds 6 new structures blocks


Update: Recipes rework


Recipe 1: Villager Houses

All of the above are made using this recipe:


Recipe 2: Village Structures (Besides Houses)

All of the above are made using this recipe:


Recipe 3: Desert Village

All of the above are made using this recipe:


-Pocket End Portal

(Keep in mind that you can get it as a separate addon, bcs it could be useful in a survival map)


Recipe 4: "Others" (things like the jungle temple, witch hut, trees...)


All of the above are made using this recipe:


Recipe 5: Snowy Village (These are the NEW ones this update, along with the Spruce tree)

All of the above are made using this recipe:



All blocks are now available in creative menu.

Items were removed.


I hope you liked it and feel free to suggest more structures for next versions !!

Select version for changelog:


V1.6 - Update

  • Recipe rework
  • Removed some of the items
  • Now all blocks show up in creative menu
  • Added 6 New Blocks


Install like every other addon:)

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4.57 / 5 (21 votes)
Add a woodland mansion structure
add for 1.18
Imagine going in these structures with the Player Sizes Add-On…
oh i was thinking is 1.18 support well this didn't age well xD
hi great job could you add a way for the player to shrink structures
cool addon❤️
Hello, can I ask you what program did you use to make these?
Great addon, can you ad ocean monument, woodland mansion, ocean ruins, and ruined portal???

5 stars
Great mod! And sorry for the comment that says that they are now entities. :P They ARE blocks.
Cool addon but can you make it that you can go in them? It would be awesome update
Me too, I really want that update! And also pls make a Globe like 1PixelMod and Globe mod for Java, because everyone is clickbating in the 1PixelMod.
i will just rate this 5 star but i cant download it its ok cuz maybe on my new phone i can
Desert well sus ._.
Question, when I load this into my world my whole game gets super laggy, i am on version 1.17 so maybe that may have something to do with it being laggy, if so could you update the mod? I really really love this mod and I would love to use it on my 1.17 world for a fairy garden.