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Published on March 22, 2021 (Updated on April 05, 2021)

Minigames / Server Hub Template (With Buttons & Teleport Commands!)

Get a headstart in your server or minigames world! Press a button and start building a minigame! Now all you need to take care of is the fun stuff, building and playing your minigames!


  • Hub (a decorative aesthetically pleasing hub with lighting and walls)
  • Buttons (click buttons to teleport to locations where you can build minigames)
  • TP commands to your minigames (commands are inputted behind every button)
  • Back to hub buttons at each minigame (pre-programmed tp commands)
  • Color-coded sections to organize minigames (sections based on players)

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Changed the the file link to a different link .

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Looks good, used it for a parkour lobby! THX for making this map, keep up the good work
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