Published on April 08, 2020 (Updated on April 12, 2020)

Mob Industries

A competitive resource management, mob spawning and company sabotage mini-game for 2 to 4 players! Gather enough resources to compete with the opposing company and beat them with any means necessary...

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- Fixed the wandering trader from spawning, even without starting the game
- Improved the redstone clock for the dispensers



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how do you unlock the slime and gold generators?
One of the generators don’t work and there are no battering rams
how do i get a battery cow
i cant find one
hey me and my friend where playing and wanted to know how or if we could remove the time limit.the first round took 30 min to learn and we just like the game and want to play it for longer
Currently, theres no method of removing the timer (in survival that is)
You can go into Creative mode and go out of bounds of the map and try to find a very tall tower of cobwebs that go waaaayy down. Make sure to replace the block the comes before the command block at the bottom to any block that can stop the minecart, hope that helps!
One more thing. How do you kill each others battery cows?
There are dispensers on the iron bars, one pointing onto the enemy's battery cow and the other on yours. You can input spawn eggs in the dispensers and spawn them by pressing the button!
This idea is so cool! The only thing is that the Creeper's slime ball generator doesn't work. Help please! But I love all the other things in this map :)
Thanks for reporting! I'll be sure to fix that and other issues that came around, stay tuned for an update!
hey i figured out how to fix the slime generator. the redstone on the command blocks is somehow receiving a constant pulse so you need to put a repeater towards the trader command block so that its only one way.
The generator is supposed to teleport you back a bit as its not similar to the gold gen.
Me too creator PLS help