Published on April 13, 2020

Super Smash Mobs: ULTIMATE

Duke it out on the arena! Play as the iconic mobs from Minecraft and fight on multitude of maps, along with special modes to spice up the game! Ready, set, BRAWL!



  • SmashMobs_v1.0_1586775088.mcworld

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the map u made is really fun the only problem with it is that our items break like 3 mins in so in the next update can u give the items unbreaking or lesser the time
Where are the command blocks that cover giving players items over time, like arrows n stuff, me and my friends want to customize some classes for example slime we think shoukd get slime eggs over time.
I LOVE it! one thing when I played it i get this item called item_spawn_egg_name. It doesent do anything.
Love the game mode, really well done! If you could update the map, fix bugs, and balance more classes it would easily be my favourite map!
Skreal Of the North Wind June 10, 2021 at 11:17 pm
Hey man! I love this game and me and my friends love it too. I just wondering when the nexts update is gonna be released.
hey wedge, i love the map and all but it keeps on crashing. Also very time somebody dies they spawn under the platform for the intended spawn area. Pls respond and you can also contact me on Twitter (@AzterMorales)
Sorry for the late reply! By under the spawn area, do you mean under the counter system thats present in every map? I also can't find your twitter, please lmk as I also need to replicate the problem to fix it, thanks!
Where do i get the stuff that are in red it keeps crashing and i think thats the problem
Can you reach out to me on discord its Dorito_Klan_Official_1 plz and thank you
Can you please elaborate the problem? Would want to see why it keeps crashing.
Guest-7172920299 May 16, 2020 at 3:25 am
It was fun but a few days after i couldn't open it. Every time i open it crashes
Guest-4113348721 May 12, 2020 at 8:35 pm
This is so good you have to try it! The lobby has a nice feel to it, Easter eggs, different modes, and it is just really well made. I really suggest trying this (this is now one of my favorite maps)
Guest-4711976131 May 11, 2020 at 6:45 pm
thx for not putting a bunch of mysterious links that require clicking and stuff
Great game me and my bros played it. Found two Easter eggs too. Village invasion is epic.
Glad you like seeing them! You have yet to find one of the secret maps!
Hey so I started doing some tests seems like some of the addons like the everyone may explode and those make you spawn out of the play area more frequent and it’s almost on every map and it’s random I tried with no add one but sometimes still spawned me out of the area
Spawn outside how? Like truly falling into the void?
Yea, it happened to me too!
i think the time limit is too long and that instead it should be 3 lives
Hello, The lives system was considered early on but was scrapped due to the scoreboards in Bedrock edition being too basic. Someone losing immediately makes it boring for them to just wait it out, so a time limit and death counter seems more fair for everyone playing.
Yo this thing is awesome but we found that the village and bamboo stages are making us crash....anyways i played it on my channel YTC:Aristicrow
I gave credits to u...