Published on September 23, 2021 (Updated on September 23, 2021)

Mob Pets Addon

This addon is based on a similar mod for Java version, but with several different features. Unfortunately in this first version some pets were added, in the next updates other mobs will be added.

In this addon you can create pets from different mobs. And what are these pets? Well, these are items that, when equipped in the player's hand, give the ability of the specific mob.

Everyone has their own recipe, so it's possible to play with this addon in survival mode.

What are the functions of each available pet?

  • Pig: The pig's pet will make your hunger always full, you'll never have to kill mobs to eat them again.
  • Squid: The squid pet will enable you to become a true swimmer, it will make you able to breathe much better underwater.
  • Creeper: This one I think didn't even need an explanation, just KABUUM!
    With just one tap on the ground and you're able to blast anything.
  • Enderman: Are you in a bind and want to get away from mobs? Just teleport away with an enderman, just touch the ground with your pet and it will teleport you.
  • Iron Golem: Who never dreamed of being resistant like him, just have the iron golem pet in your hand and you will have the same resistance as this iron titan.
  • Ocelot: Run like an ocelot and run away feel the wind hit your face.
  • Slime: Jump like a rabbit, or rather, jump like a slime and reach the highest mountains.


And as mentioned above, all items have their own recipe, and they are as follows:


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In this version I added only 7 types of pets! Give your feedback in my twitter @oguilhermeon


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Please add more mobs pets, please.
I will add in the next update!🤯
I think it will be released in the next week.
OMG, I wait for this add-on for so long times.
I just spent like 2 weeks making a inventory pets addon
And then this came out
Big Oof
Very Cool I love This Thanks :D please make more cool mods

keep up the good work
Thank u for the feedback!
Do you have any suggestion for the next addon?