Published on November 12, 2021

Mobs Kill Their Species Add-On

Have you ever entertained the idea of ​​seeing the aggressive mobs in the game attacking and killing each other? In this addon you'll see that, they hate each other and don't want anyone of their kind around.

As it says in the description, this addon will do the following: The most common aggressive mobs in the game are trying to destroy their own species, they don't like their own and can go extinct all night or morning. It's important to remember that they still attack the player, only in their priority range, so whoever is closest to him will attack.

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Turn on:

- Holyday Creator Features;

- Additional Moddings Capabilities.


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I just realized you can make a mob farm with this mod, like when you find a spawner or something. Just put hoppers below the spawner platform. Theyll just kill each other. And the loot is yours