Published on August 28, 2023 (Updated on August 31, 2023)

Mobs Oh My - Rpg Expansion for Minecraft

Hey guys this is my first addon I hope you like it, this addon brings a new neutral faction to the game, along with gameplay mechanics that will make your minecraft survival more attractive, all in vanilla style

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This addon adds:

  • Spider-Wolfs family (mobs)
  • A Lot of Swords
  • Frog HeadGear 
  • Sword LootBox - grind system
  • Souls like leveling for special Swords 
  • Evolve Spider-Wolf
  • 2 Bosses - 1 in Nether 1 in Overworld 

Have a GG





  • Mobs_Oh_My__rpg_Expansion_Minecraft.mcaddon (1.18 MB)

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