Mod of Randomness V6.0.0.1 || Final Farewell Update || LINK FIX

An addon that has features so random but somehow are all linked together, there is over 2000 new features inside this one addon, prepare to never see Minecraft the same again.

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Added over 7 new biomes/subbiomes

added over 5 new bosses/superbosses/malicebosses

added over 500 new blocks

added over 500 new items

added over 2000 new recipes

added 3 new cave systems

merged portalstone with mod of randomness and expanded on content inside it

merged frostborn christmas with mod of randomness and expanded on content inside it

added 4 new crafting tables

all modded wood now has its own crafting table

all modded wood now has its own stick block

added mosaic for all woods

added life crystals/clusters/decease

added Vaces

added several new mobs

added several new foods

added several new tools

added a legendary item for all bosses/superbosses/malicebosses


separated sounds and music into another resource pack 

changed icon of the mod (legacy icon is still used in the sound pack)

something now happens when you teleport in the Eidolon Caves

you can now ride and rename players

corrupted warden now has a soul beam attack

reworked the hunger system completely

added a death animation for several superbosses

tools now have new stats

rebalanced several armors and tools

calamitas now has a giant centipede helping it 

changed generation of several different biomes (both vanilla and modded

reworked The End

reworked the Nether

the end and the nether can no longer be entered until some conditions are met (nether requires you to kill any earlygame classed boss and the End requires you to kill the tyrant, you can always do /function showcasemode to disable this for yourself though)

reworked the wandering traders trades (he now sells everything he can sell, along with new items and now asks for emerald chips aka emerald nuggets instead of emeralds)

removed colored wood crafting tables and stick blocks

reworked several bosses

remodeled, retextured and renamed several bosses

reworked several visuals (both vanilla and modded)

mob greifing is now disabled and cannot be reversed (reason: E n d e r   d r a g o n)

Converted the Eternal tyrant into a superboss and renamed him

Converted Color God to a maliceboss and renamed him

retextured some relics for the new boss rules (normal bosses are gold relics, superbosses are platinum relics and malicebosses are blood relics)


fixed generators not working

fixed several lag causing events

fixed monsoon witch not spawning

fixed claire the maker of dreams not spawning

fixed flag dealer not spawning

fixed a bug with the supercomposted trees biome not generating

fixed supercomposted trees tree generation from flying off the ground


added new images for new features

moved the v5.5 feature images into there correct category and removed the v5.5 category

added more notes to the installation guide  

changed thumbnail

fixed the broken links


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Pinned comment
The addon currently doesn't work due to 1.20.30 screwing it over, it'll be a long time before it's fixed cause i need to redo 70% of the
I have downloaded this mod a few times and yet I don't see anything changed even with experimental on
Your discord link doesn't work anymore
Hey Rune Shadow Mage is there a discord if not can you make one it would be nice to have a place where I can figure out how the mod riding is going

thx Doderent
The addon currently doesn't work due to 1.20.30 screwing it over, it'll be a long time before it's fixed cause i need to redo 70% of the
I'm having trouble accessing the nether, a message appears, but for a short time it's impossible for me to read it, it says something about a witch and I killed her, but nothing has changed.
『Core Of Nightmares』 October 27, 2023 at 12:12 pm
can you make the Cesspit have a trypophobia touch?
El mod no carga, no puedo usar ningun objeto del mod y el mundo se queda con pura tierra
How do i spawn the worm bosses idk how
sad how this doesnt seem to work right now. i used to love playing this, hope its fixed soon :)
I cant find the weapons
el mod no funciona bien, no me aparecen la mayoria de los objetos:(
Not not getting everything from the mod when I start a world
Reabre o discord mano pra gente poder presta nosso agradecimentos
Irru o mod vai voltarrrr n vejo a hora de atualizar slc melhod mod de todos os tempos
Please fix