Published on December 31, 2021 (Updated on January 19, 2023)

Modern Furniture | New Update | 5.2 | 1.19.51

Modern Furniture is a decoration add-on prepared both for a survival world and for a creative game.

The addon brings more than 530 furniture with color variants and much more!

What is it about?

The addon is about a collection of modern furniture to decorate your home, the addon has the purpose of not being so modern (not going beyond the parameters such as complex electronic devices or mechanics that break the game) or wanting to saturate your house with polygons, which be at the end of everything simple and beautiful.

How is it acquired?

It is mainly acquired by putting clay balls in the stone cutter, with absolutely all the furniture.What types of furniture 

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General changelog

This update we have focused on adding new paintings, shelves and other interesting furniture, apart from we have fixed some name errors


-Added Warm Paint

-Added Cloud painting

-Added Prairie Paint

-Added elongated bathroom shelf V7

-Added elongated bathroom shelf V6

-Added White modern stool

-Added Black modern stool

-Added Outhouse

-Added Modern Table

Internal Settings

-Numerous names of sofas have been changed (the color has been integrated into the name)

-Changed thumbnail

-Removed the "paint22" and "paint14" textures


Installation Guides

you should add toasters microwaves coffee makers etc (more functionable kitchen items)
themoustachedcrusader January 30, 2023 at 11:18 am
why cant i play multiplayer with this
Maybe is the game or the sever...
*Just trying to help*
Add toasters microwave fridge oven and range hood
How to use garage
You should add a washing and drying machine with animations to it *-*
Skull_of_the_pull097 January 12, 2023 at 1:08 am
hello can you plz add a television. and if you do thanks
Absolutely love the furniture. Can you make the carpet texture link? When I overlay the edges it does a weird collision with the texture. Also a kitchen sink and possibly appliances? Just ideas, again absolutely love the work ❤️
Hi there! this addon is wonderful but I'm questioning something about the super spotlight. Because im not sure on how to turn it off cuz when I break it, it leaves a huge light source and it won't go there any way to get rid of it? if so, could you tell me how please?
hello! try to break the spotlight in survival mode, put the spotlight back where it was and in survival mode break it, that's how it should work
Until when will you make this furniture addon non-experimental needed?
how to use garage door
This is, so far, one of the only furniture mods that have EVERY block!!! Thank you! Also, could you consider adding toilet paper? Thanks!
hopfully your's work's for me because some do not
Please add all colors. I’m a fan of light blue
Hi! Are the garage doors functional? Because there were buttons to control them, and if it is, how do you make it work?
hello! You have to put the doors in the upper area of ​​the door frame, make sure you put the red and blue buttons close and it would work
Is it possible if you can make the modded blocks Functional to use? So it would make it more realistic since most of them looks like Just decorative blocks
Sure! Which ones would you like to be functional? many times I don't realize what I can add
like you can put things in the shelf, and some functional cabinet , you can put stuffs. anything you like that is functional. It would be good for people to roleplay with it or build. it is okay if you put a few, i just want somethings that are functional!