Published on July 07, 2021 (Updated on July 07, 2021)

More Bows Expansion

Bows are boring as they are, I mean there ARE enchantments for them but that’s all! In this mod we add MORE bows with MORE powers that can help you. So please download this mod pack. Thank you, and this took me a long time to make and I hope you like this mod pack.

There are 14 bows in this mod pack.

Wither Bow: Withers opponent.

Creeper Bow: Summons Creepers then explode.

Alien Bow: Makes opponents levitate.

Ender Bow: Teleports you.

Iron Bow: Summons Iron Golems and explode.

Blaze Bow: Explodes and makes fire come.

Mega Blaze Bow: Like the Blaze Bow but stronger.

TNT Bow: Makes an explosion.

Nuclear Bow: Causes a GIGANTIC explosion.

Nether Bow: Summons Zoglins and makes an explosion.

Ice Bow: Summons Snow Golems and give opponents slowness.

Poison Bow: Effects opponents with poison.

Laser bow: Makes fire come.

I Will Crash Your Game Bow: Summons 500 ender dragons and makes a HUGE explosion that will 99.99 percent make you never enter that world ever again.


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I did not change any thing because it’s the first release


Turn on the experimental gamemodes on then add both texture and behavior pack and BOOM!


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Who ever wants to use this mod you can but must credit me and if you are feeling extra genarous put the link.
AWESOME MOD! I like the diversity of bows, they're awesome. I also like your sense of humor :D
and we know the best way to end a world is the crash your game bow lol
I survived the game crash bow pog
Wow! That’s surprising My game Crashed badly.
Farcry5AttackersGames August 20, 2021 at 10:57 pm
This is a cool mod the reason why i gave it a 4? its because this isnt compatible with other mods the bows sre there but neither of them fire. can you fix that on the next update? i will give it a 5 after that
Farcry5AttackersGames August 21, 2021 at 10:53 am
2 of the stars are the addition of bows the 3rd star is easy and enexpensive recipes the 4th star is survival expanding and the 5th star will soon be compatible with other mods
Sorry but I have no idea how t make it compatible with other mods.
I regret.
Is the crash your game bow obtainable in survival?
Nvm i looked closer at the images
Yeah it is but just be careful IT WILL CRASH YOUR GAME it was tested and it has a 99.9 chance of crashing your game the 0.1 chance is lost by people with ultra computers.
Who ever wants to use this mod you can but must credit me and if you are feeling extra genarous put the link.
I Like The Bows And Stuffs But I Rated 3 Stars Because The Bow Doesn't Need Arrows - _-, I Do Wish You Make New Addon That Adds More Arrows And Bows "That Needs Arrows To Shoot" And It's Not Survival Friendly Well It Is But It's Too Over Powered booooo!!!!!
Hey can i use this for my modpack i will credit you .
Wey ahi mods muy buenos hoy ya pasa por 4 mods y todos me los descargue igual este UwU.