Published on July 17, 2021 (Updated on July 14, 2021)

Crafting Plus +

Do you miss the old crafting recipes or want new ones then this mod is FOR YOU! In here I added old crafting recipes and new ones as well  crafting recipe. Horse armor crafting recipe saddle crafting recipe and WAY MORE!

Rotten Flesh To Leather (RFTL) 

Put Rotten Flesh into a furnace and it will smelt into leather.(Currently working on smokers blast furnaces and campfires)

Enchanted Golden Apple, Surround apple with gold blocks.

Netherwart Block To Netherwart (put block in the middle of the crafting table)

Magma Block To Magma Cream (Put Magma Block In The Middle Of The Crafting Table)

Flint To Gunpowder

Horse armor (Spell H with ether iron, Diamond or Gold)


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Don’t steal this please.

Credit Me if you make a video about it or edit this mod.


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