Published on October 25, 2019 (Updated on September 03, 2022)

More Crafting Addon

Do you want crafting elytra? Or more items that you simply can't get by crafting in minecraft like elytra,mob,spawner and enchanted apple? You're in the right addon  !

Now you can crafting elytra,and more item that can't crafting in minecraft with this addon


But this addon contain behaviour pack, you must turn on cheat.

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  • Dolphin Fin
  • Bat Wings
  • Axolotl Gills
  • Allay wings
  • Allay Spawn Egg 
  • Axolotl Spawn Egg 
  • Frog Spawn Egg 
  • Tadpole Spawn Egg 
  • Trader Llama Spawn Egg


  • Shulker Spawn Egg 
  • Cow Spawn Egg 
  • Rabbit Spawn Egg 
  • Dolphin Spawn Egg 
  • Bat Spawn Egg 


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mod doesn't work
All of them want Spawn Egg Maker to be removed but not me, I NEED THIS, the only reason I got this is to get the mob spawner and a way to get eggs. (How do I get Skeleton Egg?)
Before it whats whit the normal crafting table
Please can you update the addon. And could you remove the spawn egg maker. And iron golem, warden wither and enderdragon spawn egg are missing. I loved your addon until u know the cuarom items/block you added because it was a pure rezepy addon one of the best but since 1.18 update you have added non rezepy related things to the addon. Buut i still use the old addon and mod it myself for my world like adding spawn eggs thx for all your work :]
Alright, if the spawn egg maker isn't liked then I'll get rid of it, but I'm also confused by the new items like dolphin fins, bat wings.
Should I delete it too?
Then what is the recipe for making those things, because mobs like bats don't drop anything when they die.
Maybe. Because this addon feels like an extension. That only needs the behavior pack but the custom items and crafting table makes it feel like its not an extension anymore. And for the dolfin fin you can replace whit a fish type the one dolfin eats wen droped and bat wings. May ne leather
Yo i love ur Addon but is it really necessary to addrhe spawn egg maker. And do u need it to craft spawneggs can u craft the eggs in the crafting bench to ?
Many people have asked to remove the spawn egg maker, and it looks like I have to do it.
The nether star craft doesn't work.
what experimental should be activated pls answer I want to use this on my survival version 1.19.31
the spawn egg maker does not work, it has no UI for crafting.
Now that I remember, gold and iron ore cannot be crafted, the recipes do not exist.
Everything works fine thanks a lot i really like your addon
Please remove the spawn egg maker and custom items
The behavior pack does a not appear in the addon list :(
Yess plss fix the add-on the creator of this add-on pls fix this add-on
No me deja instalar el Behaviourpack
Does this work in 1.19?
my cow and warden and shuker spawn eggs are not appearing nor can I craft using the script and screshots crafters
this is a suggestion but I came up with an allay spawn egg crafting recipe here's a link to the recipes