Re-Crafting Addon (Beta Only)

Have you ever made too much armor and you don't need that much, maybe this addon can help you,maybe later this addon will support all items in minecraft (except items that can't be crafting).

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  • Added ReCrafting Table
  • Added recipe for crafting ReCrafting Table


  • Move all ReCrafting recipes from Crafting Table to ReCrafting Table



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when I click to download the addon it says the addon download link
Hi! I cant use idk why it dont works :( can i have media fire or linkvertice's link? Pleaseee :((
Al menos me gustaría que no se active el juego experimental
La mera verdad no me gusta como lo estan haciendo ahorita me gustaba mas cuando nl tenias que activar el juego experimental y tampoco me gusta la idea de la mesa de descrafteo asi que me encantaria si lo dejaran como esta ya que se los agradeceria mucho
is it possible to have dis-enchanter in bedrock? if it is, could you pls make it ?
afanmMobileAdventures November 15, 2020 at 7:06 pm
grindstones exist now
Good idea,may be i'll make it now,but if someone already made it. I won't make it
Hey buddy, can you make separate add-on that when you smelt something like iron chestplate it Will give you one iron ingot instead one iron nugget. I like this addon but i think it's too OP when you have simple zombies or skeletons farm. So i want to balance it with this new add-on
link is broken. please fix
I really liked the idea of ​​the addon, but I think it gets a bit confusing if you use a craft table to deconstruct things. I suggest you create a new table just for that, such as an uncrafting table of mods on the PC.
This is useless addon when someone's armor about to break he is gonna recraft it. And get the full diamond i mean if my axe about to break and it's hp is super low its still give me 3 peaces broo
Though that is true, it isn’t useless.
How about being kind and suggesting something to improve it?
To the creator: to fix this, make it give 1 diamond when low on durability and so on
Creator doesn't care as you see i commented month ago and he doesn't reply
sorry if I don't reply to your comments because I am very busy
Its not use less

Maybe your brain cells is, but the addon isnt

U just need to find the use of it also don't search something u dont need
i literally just made an extra diamond pickaxe lmfao
Can u make it with slabs and sticks
Guest-4060856868 May 23, 2020 at 9:41 am
Add Netherite and Pickaxes pls
Guest-3832895001 May 08, 2020 at 3:42 am
Please can you upgrade the addon because I want to recraft but not the armor I want to recraft the pickaxes
Guest-3540562059 May 08, 2020 at 1:19 am