Published on October 21, 2021

More Crafting Recipes

Hello! have you ever wished for crafting recipes that make sense but are not in the game. Well here ya go! , It might be useful for people who would play survival or make it easier and more intresting.

o I have added 9 changes:

  1. Lets talk about the god apple its pretty overpowered. Makes sense Mojang would remove its crafting recipe, well I decided to add it back. Here's the recipe:

2. Next up we have the classic saddle. Everybody likes to ride horses, but might not have a saddle , Well lets solve that issue. And Here's the recipe:

3. Name tag, whether its to name your cute pets or to stop a zombie from despawning, this can come in good use. But the only problem is it was Uncraftable but not anymore. The crafting recipe is:

4. If you have played Minecraft. You know you can craft wool from 4 string but not 4 string from a wool so I made it reversible. But you can only craft it from white wool. So now You don't have to go hunting for spiders again! All you need to do is place a piece of wool like this:

5. I have changed the recipe of the chain because I decided to add a crafting recipe for chainmail armour but chain are pretty expensive so i canged it to be this instead:

6. The last ones are pretty self explanatory. It is chainmail helmet , Chainmail Chestplate , Chainmail leggings and Chainmail boots. Heres the recipe for all four of them:




Well that it for this addon, Ill be making more!

And also comment down any suggestions that you have ill be reading all of them, Thanks And Byeee


I'm using linkvertise but I promise it is easy to use just follow these steps and images

  1. Click the download link I provided
  2. Then click Free Access with ads

3. Then click on Discover Interesting Articles "You don't have to read anything that pops up there"

4. Then wait for 5 seconds and click X

5. Then click Continue

6.Then you will be redirected to mediafire

And then click download and then import it to Minecraft And then Play!


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Is this a behaviour pack or resource pack?
Cool and yeah with this addon it makes more sense
Thanks and if you have any ideas just mention it here and ill add them