Published on November 18, 2021

More Food Items+

Hello Folks. Have you ever wanted more food items in Minecraft?. Well then wish no more since this addon adds 8 new items to Minecraft. 5 which give you potion effects and 3 which are regular items & A Date tree too! This Addon will be receiving regular updates every week so keep an eye out!

Lets Start off with items that don't give effects.

Now the first item is A Banana, And to craft it you require:1 hay bale, and 8 wheat

And upon consume, It gives no effects and restores 8 hunger points.

Second item is Dates, But how do you get them?. Well that's very easy just find one of these Date Palm trees, That looks like this

And after you find one of these bad boys, Just break those Date Blocks. And you will get 1-2 Dates.


And one Eaten, They restore 3 hunger points. But sadly don't give any effects :(

And the last effectless item is the Chilly.

And when you eat it, It gives no effects & restores 10 hunger points. I made that as a bonus :)

Now lets get on with the items that give you potion effects,

The first item here is Golden Dates

And if you eat it, It restores 2 hunger points & gives Regeneration 3 for 5 seconds & Absorption 2 for 120 seconds

The Second one is an Enchanted Golden Date

Eating it restores 2 hunger points And gives a lot of effects , I'm not going to be listing them here I'll put a picture there instead

Next up we have the Dorito.

And once you eat it, It restores 3 hunger points And gives fire resistance for 20 seconds, As an easy way of getting Fire resistance early game :)

The second last item for now is Chocolate

Now this crafting recipe is a little weird (Comment down to what I should change it to)

But Anyways it restores 5 hunger points and gives Resistance 2 for 10 seconds

And Lastly we have The Candy Apple/Chocolate Apple

And Restores 4 hunger points And gives speed 4 for 10 seconds

Well that's all for now, Well I will see ya later! Byeee


I'm using linkvertise but I promise it is easy to use just follow these steps and images

Click the download link I provide

Then click Free Access with ads

3. Then click on Discover Interesting Articles "You don't have to read anything that pops up there"

4. Then wait for 5 seconds and click X

5. Then click Continue

6.Then you will be redirected to mediafire

And then Download and play!


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3.33 / 5 (3 votes)
good addon but maybe you should do some effort for more food
btw what's the shader youre using??
It isn’t a shader,It’s a custom pack I made.
to small of an addon
I’m still working on more 5 more next update.
Estaría genial un artículo que de velocidad y súper salto, para la exploracion, y que dure al menos 3 minutos