More Creator Blocks Addon

Adds in 50 Blocks solely for map creators and to people who wanna use their imagination. Use any of these blocks you want in any way and you don’t have to credit me.

I want people to have fun with these blocks and use their imagination and be creative with them in big maps and show them off to their friends. If this mod is actually liked i will possibly update this to add 50 more blocks. To obtain they don’t spawn naturally so you use the /function command. The 50 blocks can be used in many ways, but good luck, hopefully this impresses you.

Below Are Some Examples

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Fixed a few bugs and removed a few linkvertise issues


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. JaceMcpedl says:

    The links are zip

  2. Sharkin143gamer says:

    what is the normal lamps name

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