Published on June 17, 2021 (Updated on June 20, 2021)

More Golems Remastered! (V2 Update!)

I've decide to remaster my old more golems addon. Have you ever wanted custom golems? Well your dreams has come true! This addon adds 10+ custom golems! Diamond Golem, Golden Golem, Emerald Golem, and much more!

More Golems Remastered!

What are the new golems added?

This addon includes:

Diamond Golem

Ah yes, our beloved diamond golem! This golem is 2x the health and attack of a regular golem!



Golden Golem

This golem is 1x weaker than a regular golem cause we already know gold is weak.



Emerald Golem

Ah yes, emerald golem, the villagers' beloved golem! Bit stronger than a regular golem.



Obsidian Golem

The hardest golem! 3x stronger than a regular golem!



Netherite Golem

One of the strongest golem to exist! 4x stronger than a regular golem!



Aged Golem

A very old and rusty golem! Weaker and less health.



Magma Golem

This golem is immuned to fire and can only spawn in the nether!



Forest Golem

This golem is just like a regular golem but spawns in roofed forests.



Lava Golem

Just like a regular golem but immuned to fire!



Titanium Golem

This golem is also a strong golem! It drops titanium that can be used to craft titanium armor!

And that's all guys! I hope you guys like it! Subscribe to my channel of you guys want to.



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V2 Update!

What are the new features added?

This update has:

•Added new Copper Golem! When struck it becomes oxidized/unoxidized.

•Added new Amethyst Golem!

•Added Deepslate Golem!

•Added Bedrock Golem! (Sometimes can lag your game so spawn it with risk and don't spawn it on your favorite world!)

•Added Lapis Golem!

•Added Colossus Golem!

•Added subpacks for No Spawnrules or With Spawnrules in the behaviours pack.

•Added Titanium Block.

And that's all guys i hope you guys like the new update!


Go to the Downloads Section, choose "Website Download" or "Mediafire Download". On the Website Download, scroll down to the Downloads Section and find the addon. On the Mediafire Download, just click the big blue button. Wait for the file to download, once it's done open the .mcaddon file with minecraft, once it's done exporting create a brand new world and apply the addon to your world! Enjoy and Goodluck!

•You are not allowed to re-upload this addon anywhere. 

•You are not allowed to upload a modified version of this addon.

•If you're going to make a video with this addon, be sure to credit me please use the specific mcpedl link on your description or I will force a copyright strike.

•You are not allowed to steal any content from this addon and my other addons I made

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Credit to Lil Craft YT for the Colossus Golem texture!
Add even more golems like TNT & others
And fix the bedrock golem. It lag the world
Even mobs can't move because of bedrock golem. I will wait to V3
Hey! Don't Forget Add Calcite Golem And Tuff Golem
Esta buenisimo el mod haora tengo muchisimos golems
Credit to Lil Craft YT for the Colossus Golem texture!
Uhm your pack is on the minecraft store and is by lifeboat
The one you saw had more golems than this one
I want more golems
V2 is on its way with even more golems!
i meant golems like aged titanium lava etc how can u spawn them
i like this but can u spawn golems if yes with what blocks should we spawn
And also add glowstone, sea lantern, and shroomlight Where at night they will glow. If you can't make them glow at night, maybe it can make them glow. By the way, speaking of amethyst, it will glow at night too Day or in a dark place
Anyway, how about in the next update, the Golems are not spawned with spawn eggs. But with us making Golems as usual. example of iron block and carved pumpkin huh... just like we make Golems normally, that's how it is
I don't know how to code that sorry.
add amethyst Golem Where when he walks, he will make beautiful sounds like amethyst block that must be cool