More Loots Addon

More Loots is an addon that adds drops to a great variety of mobs, besides changing the drops of some others.

This addon gives the player the possibility to obtain more resources in a survival world or custom world.

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The Mobs to which loot was added are:

  • Zombie - Gravel
  • Husk - Sand
  • Skeleton - Cobweb
  • Stray - Ice
  • Puffer Fish - Coral Fan
  • Tropical Fish - Coral
  • Creeper - Leaves
  • Blaze - Quartz
  • Iron Golem - Vines
  • Enderman - Endstone
  • Endermite - Ender Pearl
  • Bat - Rabbit Hide
  • Ravager - Emerald Block
  • Pillager - Gold Nugget
  • Villagers - Emeralds and Items by Profession, an Babys Slime Ball or Magma Creams

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Zombie and Husk don't drop gravel and sand in pocket Edison please fix this.
Yeah Edison
Unknownunknowingly June 27, 2019 at 10:14 am
Every mob should drop bones more importantly.
I know I’ve Complained about your addons before but I’m legitimately surprised but I would Love an addon where everything drops something random like A diamond ore drops say a Piece of dirt hope you like my idea
Guest-6257683034 May 31, 2020 at 5:12 pm
They drop it but the drop rate is very low
Nice AddOn, please in next version Ender Dragon can drop Dragon Head, Zombie drop zombie head, creeper drop creeper head, etc.
I don’t seem to get any custom loot. Should I turn on Experimantal gameplay?
Never mind! It works quite well now. By the way, can you make an addon that changes the amount of loot (to be possibly configured in the pack menu). Maybe you could even make it compatible with this? Idk, but great addon ?
Yes, that’s how most addons work.