More Simple Structures v3.4

More Simple Structures Addon adds new naturally spawning structures to your Minecraft world for you to seek out or run into! I will be adding more structures in the future! 

The More Simple Structures Addon adds a ton of new naturally spawning structures to the game. These structures range from small bushes to large Jungle Pyramids! 

Thank you all for 100k+ shares and 100k+ downloads, I’m happy that so many people enjoy it! 

Bugs and crashes are likely to occur as it is still in experimental gameplay.


Known Bugs:

Addon causes game to sometimes crash with high chunk render distance. (Turning down your render distance to 16 chunks or lower should reduce crashes)

After exiting a world, and reentering the world, structures will stop spawning in new chunks, this is a Minecraft bug, but a workaround is to reapply the addon to your world before loading into the world.

Structures sometimes spawn missing parts, this is a known Minecraft bug.

Upvote these bugs so Mojang can fix them and improve structures! (fixed in newest beta)


Spawns in:


Birch Forest

Dark Oak Forest



Desert Pyramid

Spawns in:



Desert House

Spawns in:



Spawns in:


Small Abandoned House

Spawns in:



Birch Forest

Large Abandoned House

Spawns in:


Birch Forest



Spawns in:


Magma Vent

Spawns in:


(sometimes surfaced)

House Ruins

Spawns in:





Dark Oak Forest

Mysterious Well

Spawns in:


Dark Oak Forest



Water Geyser

Spawns in:

Extreme Hills



Spawns in:



Spawns in:



Palm Trees

Spawn on:



Dead Trees

Spawns in:



Apple Trees

Spawns in:

Dark Oak Forest




Leaves drop apples when mined and a rare chance to drop golden apples.

Drops saplings 


Spawns in:





Dungeon Tower

Spawns in:

Dark Oak Forests







Has dungeon loot on each level, and each level is harder than the last.

Underground Dungeons


Anywhere underground from levels 10 to 50.

Bigger Cacti

Spawns in:



Spawns in:


Forest Staircase

Spawns in:



Desert Palm Trees

Spawns in:


Pillager Base:

Spawns in:

Birch Forest




Jungle Pyramid:

Spawns in:


Surface Dungeon


Dark Oak Forest






Witch House

Spawns in: 


Cabins in Forest

Spawns in:

Birch Forest



 Head Statues

Spawns in:



Fallen Trees

Spawn in:


Birch Forest


Pirate Ship


Anywhere in ocean

Swamp House

Spawns in:


Small Desert Totem Pillar

Spawns in:


Orange Trees

Spawn in: 




(Drops oranges)

Drops saplings 

Piglin Fortress

Spawns in:

Soulsand Valley

(Spawns grounded or floating)

Desert House Ruins

Spawns in:



Spawns in:



Jungle Tree House

Spawns in:


Tower Ruins

Spawns in:




Abandoned Castle

Spawns in:



Desert Sphinx

Spawns in:


Underground Desert Dungeons

Spawns in: 


Swamp Willow Tree

Spawns in:



Spawns in:







Snowy Plains

(Has 2 variants)

Small Mineshaft 

Spawns in:


Endermite Nest

Spawns in:

The End

Crashed End Ship

Spawns in:

The End

Fishing Hut

Spawns on:



Mesa Temple

Spawns in:


Phantom Spawner Island


Anywhere, high above the clouds

Big Igloo

Spawns in:

Snowy Plains

Haunted House

Spawns in:



Witch Cauldrons

Spawns in:



Mushroom House

Spawns on:

Mushroom Islands

Sea Turtle Nest

Spawns on:


Slime Cave


Anywhere underground from levels 10 to 50

Cave Storage Room


Anywhere underground from levels 10 to 40

Excavation Site

Spawns in:


Pear Tree

Spawns in:




Drops saplings 

Peach Tree

Spawns in:




Drops saplings

Lemon Tree

Spawns in:




Drops saplings 

Broken Conduit


Anywhere Underwater

Enraged Zombie Dungeon


Anywhere underground from levels 10 to 50

Cherry Tree

Spawns in:




Drops saplings 

Winter Cabin

Spawns in:

Taiga (including snow variant)

Meteor Crash

Spawns in:





(More variants coming in a future update.)

Banana Tree

Spawns in:


Drops saplings

Source of bananas

Spider Cave (Mini Boss Structure)

Baby Spiders and the Queen Spider will spawn here

Contains Spider Nests, Candles and a ton of cobwebs

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Lumberjack Cabin

Spawns in:


Lumberjack Villager spawns here

Plus more!

Each structure has different spawn rates.


New Biome (Temporarily removed) 

 Orchard Plains-like biome consisting of fruit trees and tons of flowers, is a perfect food source!


New Mobs:


Does 7 points of damage.

Gives blindness effect for 15 seconds.

Has 30 points of health.

Spawns in:

Desert Pyramids

Desert Dungeons

Mesa Temples


Spawns in:

Pirate Ships

Same attributes as pillagers.

Decayed Zombie

Spawns in:

Abandoned Castle

Dungeon Tower

Stronger than both Zombies and Skeletons.

Can do melee or ranged attacks.

Mostly spawns with pieces of iron armor equipped.


Spawns in:

Haunted House

Enraged Zombie

Spawns in:

Enraged Zombie Dungeons

Twice as fast and strong as regular zombies

Baby Spider

Spawns in:

Spider Cave or from Spider Nest Blocks

Weak and has low health, mainly acts as a distraction

Queen Spider (Mini Boss)

Spawns in:

Spider Cave

Has 550 HP

Shoots web like projectiles that give Slowness

Does 12 damage

Gives Poison for 5 seconds per bite

Give Slowness for 10 seconds per web hit

Summons Baby Spiders, Spiders and Cave Spiders to attack the player

Drops totem of undying, diamonds or both

Drops a ton of XP

Lumberjack Villager

Spawns in:

Lumberjack Cabin

Trades and buys wood, saplings, etc.

Restocks at any nearby Sawmill block.

Will sleep in beds at night similar to normal villagers.

Trades are pre-locked similar to the wandering trader and destroying the Sawmill block will not change the trades.

Currently does not change into a zombie villager when killed so don’t let them die!


New food:


Fills 2 hunger bars

Found on orange trees

Golden Orange

Fills 4 hunger bars

Gives Regeneration 2 for 10 seconds and Absorption 2 for 2 minutes.

Crafted with golden ingots surrounding an orange in a crafting table.


Fills 2 1/2 hunger bars

Found on pear trees


Fills 2 hunger bars

Found on peach trees


Fills 1 hunger bar

Gives nausea effect for 7 seconds

Found on lemon trees


Fills 1 hunger bar

Found in cherry trees


Fills 2 1/2 hunger bars

Found on Banana Trees


Fills 1 1/2 hunger bars

Found on Blueberry Bushes

Mysterious Mushroom

Fills 1 hunger bar

Gives mysterious effects when eaten

Mysterious Mushroom Stew

Fills 3 hunger bars

Gives mysterious effects when eaten

Crafting recipe shown below


New Items!



Found in add-on created dungeons

Can only be played in the Jukebox+ block


New Blocks!

Spike Trap – found in desert pyramids. Will inflict a lot of damage if stepped on.

Mysterious Totem Block – found underground in totem rooms.

Vase – found in desert pyramids.

Apple Leaves – found on apple trees (cannot be obtained with shears as of right now)

Orange Leaves – found on orange trees (cannot be obtained with shears as of right now)

Pear Leavesfound on pear trees (cannot be obtained with shears as of right now)

Peach Leaves – found on peach trees (cannot be obtained with shears as of right now)

Lemon Leaves – found on lemon trees (cannot be obtained with shears as of right now)

Enraged Cobblestone – found in enraged dungeons (cannot be crafted or be crafted with as of right now)

Cherry Leaves – found on cherry trees (cannot be obtained with shears as of right now)

Present Found under Festive Trees

Ectoplasm – crafted using 9 Ectoplasm, gives invisibility effect to any mob or player that stands on it

Candle – crafted with recipe in “Recipes” below

Candle with Wall Support – crafted with recipe in “Recipes” below

Spider Nest – Spawns 3 Baby Spiders when broken or interacted with, or will hatch after a certain amount of time

Banana Bulb Block – drops Bananas and Banana Seeds when interacted with, will also grow bananas

Blueberry Bush – drops blueberries when interacted with, and can be grown.

Jukebox+ – used to play new music disc/s.

Sawmill – Lumberjack Villagers will restock at these, has no other function.

Mysterious Mushroom – found in swamps.

Loot will only drop if the blocks are destroyed in Survival mode.

Block(s) can only be given using the /give command  or crafted in game




Crafted with 1 honeycomb and 1 torch

Candle with Wall Support

Crafted with 5 iron nuggets and 1 candle

Banana Tree Sapling

Crafted with 1 banana seed and 1 jungle tree sapling

Spike Trap

Crafted with 3 sandstone, 1 sticky piston and 3 iron ingots


Crafted by placing 1 jukebox anywhere in a crafting table or the players crafting grid.


Crafted with 6 cobblestone and 1 iron ingot.


I will be adding more structures in the future.

Make sure to delete older versions before installing newer versions.


If you have any suggestions for structures, please join my Discord.



Credit to MACHINE_BUILDER for his awesome Feature Rule Generator program!

Used as a template for the Banana Block, check it out –

Credit to MedicalJewel (MJ105) for letting me use his Experience Books from his add-on Bedrock Insanity! Check it out!

Changelog View more


-added new structures, Mysterious Mushroom, Lumberjack Cabin

-added new food items, Mysterious Mushroom, Mysterious Mushroom Stew

-added new mob, Lumberjack Villager

-added new blocks, Jukebox+, Sawmill

-added new music disc, "Mystical"

-added new recipes, Jukebox+, Spike Trap Block, Mysterious Mushroom Stew, Sawmill

-added Experience Books as a rare drop for structures Phantom Island & Spider Cave (more will be added in the future)

-cleaned up some files to make addon more compatible with other addons/resource packs

-lowered spawn rates for most structures to make structures overall rarer to find and to make room for future structures


-added new structures, Rotten Swamp Tree, Blueberry Bush

-added new plant/crop, Blueberry Bush

-added new food item, Blueberries

-added new items, Experience Book I, Experience Book II, Experience Book III, The Great Book of Experience (books made by MedicalJewel from Bedrock Insanity (books not found in structures until v3.4)

-changed texture for Golden Orange

-changed texture for Orange

-added new animations for Mummy

-fixed error message with Pirate in error log

-new fruits will now appear in the "crops" category in the creative menu

-tweaked spawn rates of some structures

-changed the post thumbnail back to the v3.1 thumbnail to remove Christmas theme


-Spider Queen will now shoot web like projectiles that give slowness effect for 10 second per hit

-Spider Queen now has 550 health

-Spider Queen will give poison effect for 5 seconds per hit

-Spider Queen can now swim quickly in water

-less Baby Spiders will spawn when summoned by Spider Queen

-Baby Spiders will no longer attack Spider Queen

-raised attack damage for Baby Spider

-Baby Spiders will no longer drop XP when killed

-lowered hitbox for Baby Spider

-updated food items to format version 1.16.100

-updated eating animations for food items

-changed texture for Enraged Zombie

-Enraged Zombie will now shake

-Enraged Zombies will now spawn naturally at night

-tweaked spawn rates of some structures


-added new structures, Spider Cave, Banana Tree

-added new mobs, Baby Spider, Spider Queen(Mini Boss)

-added new blocks, Spider Nest, Banana Bulb Block

-added new food item, Banana

-added new recipe, Banana Tree Sapling

-added new sapling, Banana Tree Sapling

-changed the amount of candles when crafted to 2

-improved geometry of custom tree saplings

-saplings will now drop themselves when broken

-changed the growth time of custom tree saplings

-custom tree saplings can now be bone mealed

-ghosts will no longer get stuck in cobwebs

-gold blocks can be crafted again (not sure why they couldn't before)

-removed Festive Tree structure

-tweaked spawn rates of some structures

-added Russian language support (Credits to MJ105)


-added new structures, Lush Cave, Fortress Ruins

-added new blocks, Ectoplasm Block, Candle, Candle with Wall Support

-added new recipes, Ectoplasm Block, Candle, Candle with Wall Support

-spike trap now plays sounds when stepped on and off

-changed all textures for Leaf blocks back to pre v2.8 textures

-changed render method for Leaf Blocks to "opaque" to prevent blocks from disappearing when at a distance

-fixed Mummy name

-fixed a bug preventing player from placing tombstone block after breaking it

-removed Orchard biome temporarily

-tweaked spawn rates of some structures

-added Recipes section to post


-added new structures, Pillager Pub, Festive Tree (December only)

-added new blocks, Present (December only), Tombstone (Sometimes spawns incorrectly rotated in graveyards)

-Ghosts will now spawn in graveyards

-added tombstones to graveyards

-tweaked spawn rates of some structures


-updated all "Leaves" blocks behaviors

-updated all "Leaves" blocks textures and geometry

-"Leaves" blocks will now burn, spread and destroy when on fire

-added new blocks - Mysterious Totem Block, Vase, Spike Trap(beta)

-added saplings for custom fruit trees (cannot be bone mealed at the moment)

-updated some structures

-lowered spawn rates of some structures


-added new structures, Cherry Tree, Meteor Crash, Winter Cabin

-added new food item - Cherries

-added new block - Cherry Leaves

-changed spawn egg texture for Enraged Zombie

-tweaked spawn rates of some structures

-lowered spawn rate of Slime Cave


-added new biome - Orchard

-added new structures, Peach Tree, Lemon Tree, Broken Conduit Drowned Spawner, Enraged Underground Dungeon

-added new food item - Peaches (obtained by mining Peach Leaves), Lemons (obtained by mining Lemon Leaves)

-added new blocks - Peach Leaves, Lemon Leaves, Enraged Cobblestone

-nerfed spawn rates of most structures to make them more rare

-Ghosts no longer spawn naturally

-Added new mob - Enraged Zombie (Spawns in Enraged Dungeons)

-Fixed Golden Orange text color when using /give


-added new structures, Cave Storage Room, Excavation Site, Giant Beehive, Pear Tree

-added new food item - Pears (obtained by mining Pear Leaves)

-added new block - Pear Leaves

-updated texture for Apple Leaves

-tweaked spawn rates of some structures

-Ghosts will now spawn naturally in the world at night (Halloween only)


-added new structures, Mushroom House, Sea Turtle Nest, Slime Cave

-increased Ghost attacking speed

-added Dungeon Tower with closed top layer (Forgot to add in prevoius versions)

-tweaked spawn rates of some structures

-changed Ghost spawn egg texture


(Small Halloweenish Update)

-added new structures, Haunted House, Witch Cauldrons

-added new mob, Ghost (spawns in Haunted Houses)

-added a new food item - Ectoplasm (obtained by killing Ghosts)

-tweaked spawn rates of some structures


-added new structures, Mesa Temple, Big Igloo, Phantom Spawner Island

-tweaked spawn rates of some structures

-Buffed "Mummy" health to 30 (was 20)

-Buffed "Mummy" damage to 7 (was 5)

-Reduced the Blindness effect duration caused by Mummies to 15 seconds (was 30)

-Mummies will now drop paper and gold ingots on death

-Dungeon Tower now has a closed top floor for spawners, to add difficulty.


-added new structures, Small Mineshaft with Entrance, Endermite Nest, Ruin Spawner, Wild Carrots, Wild Potatoes, Crashed Endship, Fishing Hut, Mesa Pyramid

-removed file mistakenly put into add-on

-tweaked spawn rates of some structures

-large cacti will no longer spawn in Mesa biome

-added a video to post - More Simple Structures Addon Trailer


-added new structures, Underground Totem Room, Rare Large Ore Veins, 2 Desert Dungeons, 3 More Ruins, Tower and a variant with a basement level, Swamp Willow Tree

-tweaked spawn rates of some structures


-added new structures, Desert Sphinx, Abandoned Castle, Wild Wheat

-added Golden Oranges

-added Golden Orange recipe

-added loot to Jungle Treehouse

-added new mob, Decayed Zombie (spawns in Abandoned Castle)

-tweaked spawn rates of some structures


-Added structures, Graveyard, Tower Ruins, Jungle Tree House.

-Added loot to "Desert House Ruin".

-Added more variations to some structures. (More will be added in future updates.)

-Fixed design for some structures.

-Fixed mobs spawning with "House Ruins" causing the game to crash.

-Tweaked spawn rates for some structures.

-Updated spawn eggs for "Pirate" and "Mummy".

-Updated textures of "Apple Leaves" and "Orange Leaves".

-Orange Leaves will now give 0-1 orange.


-added new structures, Orange Trees, Piglin Fortress, Desert House Ruins

-added new food - Oranges

-fixed "Pirate" Texture

-tweaked spawn rates for some structures

-edited the "Known bugs" section of post

-added a link to my Discord


-added structures, Pirate Ship, Ocean Head Statue, Swamp House, Desert Totem, Forest Cabin(2)

-removed all entities/mobs that previously spawned with structures to reduce crashing and added mob spawners with mobs that correspond with the structure. (Exempt villagers and any other mobs I thought would stray too far from vanilla than it already does.)

-tweaked spawn rates for some structures

-renamed the "Wandering Trader House" to "Desert House" as the Wandering Trader no longer spawns with the structure due to crashing.


-added chests with randomized loot to structures

-removed Loot Blocks

-tweaked spawn rates of some structures

-updated interior of Desert Pyramid for the Mummy to be able to walk

-improved how some structures spawn

-updated the post description relating to a new update for chests with custom loot.


-Added New Structures - Jungle Pyramid, Pillager Base, Witch House, Cabin in Forest, Jungle Head Statue, Underground Dungeon, Surface Dungeon, Fallen Trees

-Updated "Dungeon Tower" design

-Tweaked spawn rates for some structures

-Added "Pillager Base Loot" block

-updated the description for post and updated the download links


-Added new structures - Bigger Cacti, Dead Trees, Scarecrow, Forest Staircase, Apple Trees, Dungeon Tower, Underground Dungeon, Rocks, Desert Palm Trees

-Added new blocks - Dungeon Block, Apple Leaves

-Changed Mummy model

-Changed Mummy sounds

-Mummy now give Blindness effect

-Tweaked spawn rates for some structures

-Added new structures - bushes, palm trees

-Added new mob - Mummy

-Updated Desert Pyramid design

-Raised spawn chances for some structures

-Updated Loot Block #1 texture

-Added a "Known Bugs" section to post.

-Renamed "Well" to "Mysterious Well"  in post.


Click download links

Press "Free access with ads" button

Press "Discover Interesting articles" button

Press the X button on the top right of the article window and wait 10 seconds.

Download mediafire files (delete older versions before installing newer versions)

Apply behavior pack and resource pack to your world




Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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349 Responses

4.65 / 5 (174 votes)
  1. enderman323 says:

    can you make it for MEE? (minecraft edu)
    All it does is crash my game. even the old one

  2. PanzerMan says:

    Nice mod! Can you find them with /track or do you need to go run around for them?

  3. Kludgyscarab648 says:

    All the mobs on this add-on shows up invisible

  4. Kawaii Ken says:

    Please add more underwater structures.

  5. ItsSayinprince says:

    Good job on the addon. Can you please add like abandoned underground bunkers with weapons and food? Kinda like a survival place.

  6. Fabian.holder says:

    does this mod use player.json because id like to use multiple mods in conjunction

  7. randomchicken says:

    you should make the structures spawn further apart mainly the buildings and try fixing the height of the structures everything id also reccomend adding to the behavior pack spawn scripts for the structures so
    mob spawners dont clutter everything up but overall i enjoyed it if these things were fixed id def put it in my main mod pack if i havent already 4-5 stars

  8. Colt_Grace says:

    This looks like such a fun addon, can anyone provide me with a direct link? I can’t access whatever ad/support website this is run through.

  9. Matthew_Blanton says:

    It took me way too long to get to the comment section.
    How many stars do you want?

  10. Domi128_dmx says:

    This is a really great mod!
    I have a suggestion tho. Please make the Spider boss have less health, because its a bit overpowered

  11. Marki Fernandez says:

    Note that Engender zombie is herobrine.

    • LORD_LEO says:

      Is it true that the enraged zombie Is Herobrine? … Coz I found a structure similar to that which was used to summon Herobrine and when I lit the upper part of the upper block.. it showed Herobrine zoined the world

  12. ShimmerStrike says:

    I was super excited to use this mod for a roleplay with my friends, until we discovered a bug.

    When you open the world for the first time, everything works perfectly. However once you leave the game and rejoin, it doesn’t spawn in anything new. This was incredibly disappointing, and unless it’s fixed I guess we won’t be using it for our RP after all.

  13. Didn’t like that you used linkvertise but it was worth it! This is awesome!!!

  14. SquidGamer says:

    I was walking along chillin and i saw one of those “Enraged Zombies” It scared me half to death lol

  15. Extra_Quack says:

    it looks cool but ill never be able to play it, With linkvertise you can’t get stuff on xbox unless you buy premium

  16. SeveralontongGG says:

    Wow GG dude

  17. null_eqn says:

    Can you add other languages?👍👍

  18. Haydencraft2008 says:

    Can you add brick pyramid (it used to be in Minecraft but was removed) Farlands, and re add wandering trader house? Please and thanks

  19. roblox kid12345 says:

    the spider boss freaked me out

  20. Fabian.holder says:

    Does this mod use player.json ?

  21. smartoy says:

    why did u put herobrine in the game i found a strange place with 2 netherrack the one on top with herobrine heds on it the cest had disk number eleven and the book with 10 pages of 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 when i right click the herobrine netherrack it made lightning {i was at y 11} and started playing disk 11 and omg the scariest thing was that with the help of command blocks it said that herobrine joined the game and herobrine said hiroglifes that changed every 5 miliseconds i am scared of playing minecrat anymore

    good mod btw but pls u shoudev say to us that u have an ester egg

  22. IpodCraft says:

    Hello, there is a problem with the message of the Pirate when he kill you.
    The message is displayed with the symbols.

    Message: IpodCraftYT was shot by

  23. anonimo says:

    good add on usually crash

  24. I love this adding i have downloaded every single version
    Maybe you could add a crashed space ship like a ufo or something and you could have like special alian resources from the meteor so you could make special alian armor and weapons and maybe evan a secret alian bunker full of alians and you have to beat the alians to get there special alian items and it can be a boss fight and the way you could find it was in a tree but at the top of the tree is a camera

  25. PhoenixPerson101 says:

    I love this addon and i am amazed at how much it improves every month

  26. anonimo says:

    my antivirus blocked the link because there is a virus.why you put a virus in the link???

  27. Iouscy says:

    I know their are a million addons and mods with dragons but it would be cool if there were dragon nests where they would spawn just a suggestion also how do you make your addons

  28. SERPiKYT says:

    Cuáles estructuras le bajaron la taza de spawn

  29. SERPiKYT says:

    Cuáles estructuras le bajaron la ta,a de spawneo

  30. Fabian.holder says:

    Does this mod use the player.json file ?

  31. Nether Warden says:

    Spike Trap only affects Players

  32. poopooface says:

    when its in media fire its hard for me lol

  33. I’ve Downloaded your Other Versions before, and i just know this one is going to be great!

  34. Mehbeach says:

    This is an incredible addon, it makes my world a lot more interesting and fun to play with friends. But I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but after a certain radius, all the structures just suddenly don’t spawn anymore. And I’ve done other worlds with the addon and having the experimental on, and they all ended up being the same where after I left world spawn, it just doesn’t spawn structures at all anymore.

  35. cuzco says:

    This is an amazing mod! The only problem I have with it is that all of the mobs except the mummy are invisible when this mod is in contact with another mod.

  36. 64BitDragon says:

    I honestly can’t wait to get this addon later (after a few things like recipes for blocks and other things such as the biome return). I’m impressed with the level of detail, and the vanilla feel of these structures. Only thing that worries me is that some of these might disrupt progression in the game, by having items be available much earlier. However I don’t mind much.

  37. Michelle Oakes says:

    think you could make a je version love this addon played it all the time these structures feel like they belong in the game

  38. ClammyHornet707 says:

    without even using this yet i know this is gonna be so cool there are so many new structures i was only expecting about 5 but this is insane thx

  39. RSCBUILDS says:

    Hi, I am looking at making a MOD, similar to Valhelsia v3, and would like to use your addon in my creation, I will make sure to provide full credits. I will make sure to let you know when the mod is done, thank you in advance.

  40. Fabian.holder says:

    Using a seed that is typed in breaks the structure generation if quit the world and then reload it the structures will not generate in any new chunks

  41. Sapiens says:

    El complemento me encanta, es de lo mejor que hay en este sitio. Pero sucede que desde las últimas tres actualizaciones de Minecraft el add-on no me carga correctamente, ya que cuando inició un mundo nuevo y lo activo,,, todo perfecto, pero cierro el mundo y al volver a entrar ya el add-on a dejado de funcionar!🙁

  42. joaw says:

    Hey guys, a installed this addon on my mcpe, but everytime e put on a world the hostile mobs texture don’t appear, and i can’t even hit them, someone know how fix this?

  43. VolitiveDawn475 says:

    I’ve been using this addon for a while now and I must say that this is one of the best if not the best structure addon and also thank you for adding candles to the latest beta of this addon, I’ll be looking forward to future updates of this addon.

  44. Wawancraftia says:

    Hey, i was making a modpack that involves your mod, could i make it or not? Of course i will link this page and your profile too. I wont claim it as mine, i will just make it a one single zip file with other mods made by other user, which i will credit too.

  45. Tixel22 says:

    Pls add add minibosses to som structures

  46. You should add some sort of miniboss or something but this is already great.

  47. survival_warrior says:

    Could you add a use for the desert well or something for the ice spikes biome. Also a little laggy

  48. Jhow_Vitor says:

    this is the best compliment of structures, but I think it can be better by adding varieties of trees

  49. JGShadowX says:

    I really like this add-on but this version 2.9 brought some problems for me:
    I see trees without leaves, only the trunk apart, many structures are no longer generated and it is a bit annoying

  50. SelenGus says:

    Hey bro did you add secretly a herobrine shrine?! cuz it’s from your addon i swear?

  51. The Fast says:

    I just got the new v2.9 update I have been using this Addon for very long time now I always delete the old one and upload the newer version like it says in the description but with the new update all Mobs the addon adds (execpt Mummy) is invisible. Is it a glitch or something or should I re download the addon?

    And yes I know how to open experimental gameplay and stuff I am not dumb

    • VolitiveDawn475 says:

      Huh, the mobs are not invisible for me, do you have other resource enabled with this addon’s one? They might be interfereing with this addon’s resource pack, if so then put this addon’s resource pack above all other resource packs you have enabled. Hopefully this solves the problem.

      • DLV26 says:

        Actually, the mobs are not invisible, maybe thats your mc problem or you didn’t activate the resources pack. My problem is, there is no block, there is no spike trap, fruit leaves and sapling. Im thinking thats my own problem. Is the blocks of this addon is for 1.16.100 only?

  52. Rockythemaster says:

    Bruh give me ad fly or mediafire i am too lazy for link vertise

  53. Ironcraft says:

    Man, this add-on is very amazing! The fact that you add so many structures in this add-on impresses me! You even add a new biome! Amazing job!

  54. bramudyastudio says:

    Idk what to comment but i like this very much

  55. huntclan says:

    10/10 would play again.

  56. RageStreemYT says:

    Don’t use experimental game play!!! It will corrupt yore world and you will lose yore build!!

  57. DLV26 says:

    5 stars, because the structure is sooo epic and they are pretty balanced, but can you plss fix the fruit leaves because they are not spawning anymore, it only remain wood and the apple leaves, orange leaves, and the other leaves in this addon are gone, and the dessert traps also not spawning, the hostile mobs in this addon are fine, also i turned on my experimental gameplay, im not sure about the spike traps if it isnt working because i saw a dessert temple (A very big dessert temple) that in most of the floor has a hole and i don’t think if that was the spike trap location, thats all i wanted you to fix sorry in my bad english.

  58. Iker salinas cabello says:

    I would give it 6 stars if graveyards instead of spawning zombies and skeletons they spawned GHOSTS

  59. Sajad6baster says:

    Can I use your addon an my modpack?

  60. Heero says:

    This Is So Cooooollll!!!!
    Maybe Try Putting More Structures On Cave.

  61. AdrianBayu says:

    Can you add wizard tower please

  62. Dark_kunXv says:

    le doy 4 estrellas por que recién me di cuenta que el addon va un poco bug funciona para la 1.16.101 pero el mundo no carga y me gustaría que lo actualices ?

  63. Dude, I want the pillager base for myself! That thing looks so cool! You’re a great builder; I look forward to further updates!

  64. TheChemisXO says:

    This has been one of the best add-ons I have played until now. Awesome work!

  65. RageStreemYT says:

    This addon is Great! Can you make it so that you don’t have to turn on experimental game play?? It might brake my world.

  66. AdrianBayu says:

    Hi Ikorbon im yours fans can you make wizard tower plis

  67. Elektrika says:

    I love this mod, but there is a small albeit hilarious issue…sapphire ore doesn’t drop sapphire, it drops fire pearls lol

  68. Seefahrerkatzi says:

    This is amazing!

  69. whutwasidooing says:

    Hi, awesome mod, but I’m seeing an issue with it. I am on Windows 10, if this matters. I keep seeing a popup regarding the enrage zombie, saying:

    [Rendering][error]-korbon:enraged_zombie | No renderer found – have you set the entity’s description:identifier correctly?

    Thought you would like to know, and as of yet, only new mob I’ve ran into so far.

  70. joe847802 says:

    This is continuing its greatness streak. Tho one thing many of us whove downloaded you addon can agree on, is for more dungeons. Is it possible to add dungeons like the ones you see in the roulette dungeons mod for Java edition? If its doable in bedrock version, we’d love to see your attempt at dungeons.

  71. Fatur-Kun says:

    I think good if you switch Cherry tree become Cheery bush and i thing great if you add grape bush

  72. AlbertossaurusJWFK says:

    I really like the addon and others. But he constantly updates, he could use a little. It sucks to keep updating all the time.

  73. Kawaii Ken says:

    Awesome addon! It would nice add some sort of a place for Drowned to live in, you know what I mean? Maybe like, idk, underwater caves for Drowned maybe? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  74. TeoDiablo4 says:

    Hey! Um i love that addon and im wondering if you can put more dangeons (with plenty rooms / and good loot). And much more things at the nether and the end cuz its kind of empty and boring to explore.. bt overworld is epic. (Btw if you can low the spawn rate of slime cave its gona be wonderful cuz slime blocks is to broken and slimes can lag the game some times)…..

  75. Joni561651 says:

    Alguien me podria decir para que sirve la ectoplasma que sueltan los fantasmas??

  76. Nerolyv says:

    Many thanks for your work

  77. YouYou says:

    i played the addon since it was 1.3 version.Now it is 2.6 version,more structures update!i hope the addon will be more wonderful in the future

  78. tonypraf says:

    I have been here from the very beggining O_O I come to see the latest version and realize you’ve come so far!!!!K E E P I T U P

  79. Tedd says:

    Can You Put It On Media Fire Please!

  80. Kawaii Ken says:

    Also, can you add some structure that is exclusive to the tundra and snowy biome?

  81. Kawaii Ken says:

    Hey iKorbon, excellent addon! Can you add Baobab tree for the savanna and Baobab fruit? If can, awesome, and if you can’t, it’s OK.

  82. TeoDiablo4 says:

    Hey! Um i love that addon and im wondering if you can put more dangeons (with plenty rooms / and good loot). And much more things at the nether and the end cuz its kind of empty and boring to explore.. bt overworld is epic. (Btw if you can low the spawn rate of slime cave its gona be wonderful cuz slime blocks is to broken and slimes can lag the game some times).

  83. what about a piglin village or a town which is like a village but with more shops and new villagers and stuff

  84. UnspeakableBoi says:

    Could you respond to this post with a link to Mediafire and straight to Mediafire, please.

  85. This addon is a freaking masterpiece, it would be more impressive but overall, this is the best structure addon in za warudo!

  86. SelenGus says:

    The ghost are supposed to spawn only in haunted house not in the overworld cuz i’m scared? thanks for the update ❤️

  87. ioxdx134 says:

    Este complemento ha huevo tiene que ser unas de las pocas obras maestras de minecraft PE por la gran variedad de estructuras que me dejan mas que sastifecho, gracias por compartirlo tkm 😉

  88. ClenchFrame says:

    For some reason I cannot get the addon to work, the mobs are invisible, and none of the structures spawn. Please help I am so lost.

  89. Jamien1152 says:

    A crashed meteor would be cool

  90. Jamien1152 says:

    I see you added giant beehives, could we see pictures? Also, some more nether/end structures would be very cool but no pressure! Also, you should team up with the rocks+ creator to make your addons compatible!!!

    • RISALZI says:

      This is insane,i find many poor in survival, thanks for the add on.

      Anyway can you make the structure is inputed in “locate list”,so i can find it easly with command, i request this because i am just find some of the strcuture,not all

      • RISALZI says:

        And ITS a little information for you guys,you must Dig under some strcuture like mysterious well or Dig some part to get a Lott Like desert sphinx

        Dessert sphinx=block of gold,sometime block of iron or chest

        Mysterious well=block of diamond,gold,and iron (sometimes emerald),but there is a Chamber full of HOSTILE mob spawner,so you have to becarefull

  91. SupaPoopa says:

    idiots that are giving this add-on a low rating just because they don’t know how to follow a simple step: TURN ON EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY. Not really that hard. This addon is a pure masterpiece!

  92. firebreaker says:

    Nice mod!I like it.And I hope you can add pirate stronghold in next update

    • GiniMonsterZ says:

      Been loving the addon since it came out back then. Keep up the great work. Also is it possible to add some more nether structures and maybe even some end structures if that’s possible.

  93. DEMON_STARL says:


  94. DEMON_STARL says:

    Hi, gays, I’m a player from China. This addon is the most suitable for survival I’ve ever used! It brings me a lot of fun to survive. But I think there’s a little bit worth improving. Maybe you can set the monster’s brush cage in the plug-in to be able to brush the monster at a certain brightness. I encountered this annoying problem when trying to build a monster farm, We all hope that this plug-in will become better. If you can fix it, I will thank you very much

    This is my translation software into English, there may be some mistakes, I hope you can understand me .qwq

  95. Themystyery2 says:

    umm hi! I found a structure that was not listed. I found a book and a music disc and the book was unknown by unknown all it had was 11 in all ten pages…. is that something I should be worried about? Btw great mod!

  96. Tedd says:

    Can You put it on media fire

  97. JGShadowX says:

    I love this plugin, and I would like it to be able to grow apple and orange tree suckers 🙂

    • Juanchi says:

      This cannot be done because the minecraft BE addons do not have many functions available, you cannot create crops, shoots or custom blocks and you cannot even choose which tool you can extract said block with, it will always be by hand

    • Juanchi says:

      This addon is great !! Increase the desire to explore the world for treasures as well as adding new trees and foods !!, I highly recommend this great addon

  98. Ariel01 says:

    Love your addon, do you know any cool seed i can try?

  99. RISALZI says:

    The structure is disappear anf the new mob are broken please fix it

  100. DaanKreuningYT says:

    Dude, this is awesome. I really enjoy it.
    It makes the world so much better. Thx

  101. Mizific says:

    i cant download second part can you help

  102. Julio Cesar says:

    Do normal structures still appear?

  103. tonypraf says:

    COOOL BRO!have been here from the begining pls continue making more of these a m a z i n g structures

  104. bruh iceologer says:

    please dont use linkvertise i hate them linkvertise sux use like or any

  105. 76eya says:

    Haven’t played it yet, how common are the structures? are they as rare as like villages or something? The only problems with other structure addons i’ve seen is that you can’t look anywhere without a structure. They’re everywhere.

  106. IntoTheVoid-900 says:

    Can I use this in a modpack?

  107. Good thing tou know about this..


    I just copied it from what you said cuz like every or someof the youtubers give the direct link

    By the way if you would mind if i copy what you said aswell becuz i have a feeling one day someone will give the direct link? ..

  108. Spyguy10078 says:

    I drank invisibility potion and went in pillager base a vindicator was burning himself on campfire

  109. JGShadowX says:

    hello I love this add-on for the game it is one of my favorites but I feel that it lacks only one thing and I think it is that we have the option of being able to plant apples and oranges

  110. TrimOx3 says:

    This literally has to be my favorite addon, ever. Not only because of the fact that I like amplifying the game with new structures to make it feel more exciting, but also because of the fact that most of these inspire me to create some of my own crazy and unique additions as well. Not to mention the fact of how vanilla-like these all feel! Love this addon. ❤

  111. Can you make a version with only the structures that spawns mobs with spawners? Cuz’ the frequent crashes even with low graphic options (for my phone it’s obligatory have low graphic options)

  112. Derks says:

    This mod would be lit if he added /locate for the structures.

  113. Gaminthunder says:

    hey dude i want to talk to u on discord please
    pls add me i wanna ask u abt smthing plssssssssss @ikorbon

  114. Thank you for this great addod

  115. Edgyy says:

    Amazing, could you add custom villages using the jigsaw block?

  116. OPTICAL_BLOX says:

    Wait nvm it’s fixed also THIS IS AMAZING but for improvements can you make a command like the /locate then outputs the coordinates

  117. Chronos says:

    Loving it so far but the drops for both the Apple tree and orange tree don’t seem to be working. :/

  118. RookiePaw says:

    Once again, this addon adds a better survival experience. I love the new structures, so please keep them coming. Two notes, though: 1) I think it would be cool for pillager bases to spawn in the taiga. 2) I think there should be more diverse biome coverage, like snowy plains.

  119. Spongeboy says:

    Is not spawned in my world

  120. T4XITY says:

    My personal favorite addon, and also nice update! Maybe you could make it so that if you put like a banner on one of the new pirate ships,castles,forts you could tame its soldiers? Plz tell me if I’m being stupid and if this is even possible (;

  121. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Honestly, this addon is by far is the best addon i’ve seen, even tho it uses linkvertise instead of for shortening and the splitting of the Resources and Behaviors to double the profit, it’s still the best one there is

  122. Spyguy10078 says:

    Bro please add a underwater dungeon with drowned

  123. MKFDL says:

    i relly want to join your discord but my device phone is low but im still use your addon for my realm with SRWCRAFT thanks for make this addon im very like it

    some suggestion because i can join your discord 🙁

    1 make a pigglin tower in nether with 4 variants for soul soil, warped fungus, basalt delta, and more

    2 please add a downed ender dragon tower in ender dimension

    3 add abondoned piglin temple ( im dont know what the real name of sturcture “sorry”) its look like get brake or anything

    i hope you like my suggestion and adding that in your addon and sorry if my engglish speaking is bad because im not from amerika or engglish but im from INDONESIA soooorrrrryyyy

  124. 2rc3mijehtgcryjehawe says:

    Forge is junk in use jar

  125. Luxiel BlackDragon says:

    Ty for The update dude, I rlly like this Add-On

  126. Vaid says:

    Hey man, I love the effort you put into this! This is generally one of the best things I’ve seen

  127. ChaosGaming1 says:

    I hate greedy bastards who use linkvertise or adfly bedrock is actual crap man forge is WAY better than this.

  128. SirSinisterSquid says:

    Best addon on mcpedl by a long shot! Keep the updates coming! Your addon just keeps getting better every update!

  129. LunerCoin says:

    Perhaps make more types of villages as well? Perhaps make piglin villages in the nether and like villager houses.

  130. Red Fan says:

    Can you make it so that orange trees have a chance to drop golden oranges? Thanks!

  131. Enderlord2002 says:

    No linkverse no one knows how to use

  132. Not a gamer says:

    Is simple the right word because this looks amazing

  133. SpringLock28 says:

    This addon is one of the best ones that are available for Bedrock, the structures are amazing and they feel like something Mojang would actually add to the game, the generation is flawless, I dont know about the rest of you but this had absolutley no errors, its almost flawless
    Even tho its a very good addon i think most of the textures could improve
    Over all great addon!

  134. Gamerzl says:

    I love this addon a lot keep up the good work!!!

  135. How did you do for make structures? I want to make them in my addon?
    Can you pls tell?

  136. PrestonPlays967 says:

    Oh btw does it work without experamental?????? also does it work on servers???

  137. PrestonPlays967 says:

    FIVE STARS!! SO GOOOD!!!! BEST ADDON EVER. Doesn’t take out the vanilla feel. the addon is both good for bigginars and pros at the game

  138. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Nice addon, 4 stars, because linkvertise is banned

  139. Donw AzTK says:

    Not works on realms yet?

  140. Anthoan Ortizzz says:

    Hello bro, I have a recommendation for you, there is a mod in minecraft java called dungeons crawl that generates a dungeon that is too too cool, it is very very huge, you should look for it and get ideas from that mod to make a similar one!
    I love your addon I am always aware of updates?

  141. Mako3843 says:

    is it okay if you put in the rarity of the structures with the description of them and a function that allows you to locate the structure?

  142. ThisIsTheAndrei says:

    I like this addon but crashes my world. I played for a few minutes then it will crash. Please fix this. I really appreciate and enjoy your addon

  143. Texture says:

    the new entities or mobs are all invisible help

  144. IShawWhale says:

    Nice. Keep it up!

  145. GibbsX says:

    I have an idea that would be better than shearing apples you should make it that the apples come out just by punching them and they grow back but shears might just be an easier option idk. Btw this is THE BEST structure addon ever created no exaggeration its just a fact

  146. Fishboy096 says:

    Please add a function/command that lets you spawn in the Structures

    Btw best add-on ever

  147. amazing just amazing but can we have some structures from rlcraft?

  148. RatoPower says:

    Fica melhor a cada atualização?✌

  149. QuantumP0Alt says:

    I love it, it’s getting better and better ♥️♥️

  150. Kushtastrophe says:

    Best Mod! I recommend ybiomes with this mod. Please IKORBON update your LuckyBlock Mod(no craft) and possibly make it compatible with the Structure mod. Ive had problems with other LB mods dropping invisible items that were suppose to be effects like levitation dropping as an item when i was suppose to throw me in the air. Not sure if yours does it but it looks promising im on windows playing on an Xbox one x would 10/10 download your luckyblock mod if it jus got an update.

    • Kushtastrophe says:

      Btw anyone having crashing issues TRY CHECKING your Active Mods and Rearrange them for top to bottom switch the mods around and usually it works ,im on windows xbox one x the mods i use are Cave update(very good mod)ybiomes , IKorbons structure mod , treecapitator(only works if you put it at the top in the behavior pack section btw) dont remove any mods just move them around it and it may take more than one try to find the sweet spot for all of your mods but it will work once you find it.. I hope this helped someone.

  151. joe847802 says:

    keep on doing you! This addon just keeps getting better

  152. Beam006 says:

    Add farm structure and goat that you can milk it and you will get goat milk, duck that are good swimmer like to catch fish can lay duck egg can use like normal egg and lastly turkey that behavior like vanilla chicken but can lay turkey egg can use like vanilla chicken egg

  153. RookiePaw says:

    These structures are rrally enjoyable and offer pretty fair loot. There are only two problems through: Mummies give blindness for too long. Also, apple/orange tree leaves do not mine faster with a hoe (which vanilla leaves do). Other than thay, these are really cool, and I recommend using the ESBE Shaders and yBiomes with this for an enhanced game.

  154. kingkiller1195 says:

    worked for about an hour or 2 then it crashes every time I open it

  155. SirSinisterSquid says:

    ignore me im dumb, just realized pirate ships were already in the game. They’re just rare.

  156. SirSinisterSquid says:

    Is the spawn rate for the pirate ship really low or something? Because I haven’t found a single one after venturing a wide open ocean for miles.

    • Cuzinhigostosi says:

      I didnt find crashed end ships
      I found one pirate ship actually
      And i didnt find any abandoned house
      But something i liked is that the desert ruins house spawns near villages
      And it is so cool that when i saw a village house i thought it was a stable, they look so much like they could be in the actual game

  157. GAMER5135 says:

    This is my favorite addon in mc bedrock it makes the game soooo much more fun keep up the good work

  158. xRandomyzxXD says:

    Woahh……man you really changed Minecraft now gg. ????

  159. joe847802 says:

    dude. This addon just keeps getting better and better with each update. If I were to suggest something, have you thought about adding a dungeon? Like one of the dungeons you’d see in rlcraft. Also take a look at the zelda heart container addon, if you make a dumgeon of some sort, you can try asking that addon maker if you can work together to add them into dungeons and such. Besides that, continue with the great work. Honestly can’t wait to see what the next update brings.

  160. I like thiss addon.

    Can you add an undegraund bunker, entrance to the mineshaft and village near the jungle pyrmid, where ancient people live?

  161. F22Jamie says:

    The addon is amazing, it has quite a lot of wonderful structures that not only make the world feel more lived in, but it also makes it easier to survive as a nomad (which is something I deeply appreciate lol). My only major problem with it is the frequent crashes I get while playing with it, even with the render distance turned down. So for now.. I’ll give it 3 stars, and give it more when the crashing problem is resolved. Keep up the solid work, you’re doing great so far!

  162. SirSinisterSquid says:

    Haven’t crashed once using this addon, and I can confirm for all platforms. No idea what all the complaints are about honestly. If you’re using any other addons besides this in your world it’s likely because one or more are clashing with each other, which would cause you to crash. Like I know for certain the ‘Ambience overhaul’ addon isn’t compatible with this. I crash almost immediately after entering a world. The only thing I can confirm though that works, is the ‘menagerie’ addon.

  163. xRandomyzxXD says:

    Next update would be a surprise if you see this stupid idea

    -Ship(with pirate)
    -castle(with king and guard)
    -tribal(with tribal people)
    -and Nether village

    OK thanks for your time reading this worthless idea;)

  164. GiniMonsterZ says:

    Yo how come your addon crashes every couple minutes even with low render but Y-Structures addon doesn’t? Your addons way better than his but the constant crashing is ruining the addon man. Maybe you can ask how to reduce crashes or fix them? Other than that great work on the addon keep it up.

    • joe847802 says:

      I second this. A fix for realms to stop crashing would be great too.

    • iKorbon says:

      I actually think I fixed this issue with the new version I’m working on currently. I did some research and found that having any mob or entity spawn with a structure causes the game to crash, so I will need to use mob spawners for hostile mobs such as pillagers in the pillager base, although some mobs such as villagers won’t be able to put in structures because I think having them spawn in mob spawners strays a little too far from vanilla.

  165. Moon12 says:

    The only downfall of this addon,is it crashes the game

  166. Red Fan says:

    How about crashed end ships, nether wart farms, Piglins camps, and ocean town ruins.

  167. RatoPower says:

    I think there should be more treasure-like challenges in castles, ships, dungeons, traps and dangerous enemies

  168. Anthoan Ortizzz says:

    broo I am a fan of your addon, I am aware of updates and every time you manage to improve it, but you know, in my opinion the mossy stone stairs are not very pleasant: / they appear very often and are not very pleasant to look at, I would recommend you remove them and add pirate ships 🙂 in addition to more dungeons with difficult enough difficulty for the player to strive to obtain the treasure that you put there. love your addon great job!?

    • iKorbon says:

      I was already planning on removing the stairs as I realized the same thing, but ships are also a planned structure that I am working on, along with more dungeons with better loot. Thanks for the feedback!

  169. I hopefully want to become a Minecraft mod maker and stuff like this inspire me to work on it

  170. Akhtar Putra says:

    Damn 10/10 Addon

  171. Vikko says:

    I cant Download 🙁 Ik how to, i downloaded 1.0 after i deleted it, but now i cant download the newer versions it says Failed To Import

  172. joe847802 says:

    do you know if the the update fixed tbe bug where it crashes on realms?

  173. RatoPower says:

    makes more dungeons and ruins

  174. ItzGIG says:

    Can we get the master keeper to have a very low chance to drop one of his armor alongside his sword?, also its quite easy to cheese the guy, how about making his room a bit farther, and instead of iron bars there would be an iron door, leading to a pathway to the room he is in. So that we can have a challenge instead of just casually hitting him till he dies with just one of the iron bars destroyed

  175. Red Fan says:

    Is there any chance you could improve the vanilla structures with better generation, loot, design, variations, and unique mobs. It would be really cool to see you overhaul structures like the nether fortress and would really fit with this Addon.

  176. Red Fan says:

    Is there any chance you could increase the spawn rate of all the more enviorment like structures like the bushes and apple trees. More variants of some of the structures as well as more randomization would also be great.

  177. Red Fan says:

    All this Addon needs is more structures, better designed and decorated structures, better loot and more loot for said structures, structures that fit with vanilla structures (for example crashed endship) unique mobs for some structures, as well as not crashing the game every two seconds.

  178. Moon12 says:

    I keep crashing. Is this addon not compatible to any biome addons?

    • ItzGIG says:

      Try putting your render distance a little bit down, this addon is known for a bug that crashes the game with high render distance, hopefully it will be fixed once its out of experimental gameplay

  179. Vikko says:

    On the new Update v1.3 it says failed to import can you fix it? i use iPad

  180. xRandomyzxXD says:

    Love it!

  181. DaRealMyRanking says:

    ITS STILL BLURRY!! If You Can Just Atleast This Addon for low end devices Thank You.:-[

  182. RookiePaw says:

    I have a suggestion, though t may seem somplex: add dugeons with “soul chests” where you have to kill a certain number of mobs before you can open the chest, with fair rewards. The chest could have a bar or some other indication of how full it is of souls.

  183. joe847802 says:

    anyway to fix the crashing issue bug? I had this addon installed in a realms world and it worked great, but when more than 2 people show up in realms, it starts crashing and resetting 10-20 minutes back before the crash. Anyway to fix it? or does the new beta coming out fix it?

  184. xRandomyzxXD says:

    Subscribed. I love this mod

  185. RookiePaw says:

    I would highly recommend using yBiomes and ESBE shaders with this for a significantly improved Minecraft world.

  186. DaRealMyRanking says:

    I really love this addon because it makes survival more fun but 1 problem tho for me is that when i used it, it kinda blurred out my minecraft world so… can you fix it thank you??

  187. Guest-3720316076 says:

    Melhor addon de estruturas

  188. Guest-7471652263 says:

    OG desert and jungle temples dont have items in chests

  189. Guest-2767704600 says:

    Thank you for this addon, but can you make less drop from treasure keepers and a world, with all structures in the same place to view

  190. joe847802 says:

    love the addon, but is there anyway to make this work on realms? Maybe an update you could do that would allow it if possible?

  191. Guest-3708171306 says:

    Good addon
    I have an idea! Make the structure more common.I never find all structure from this addon.I find only Small Abandon house and Campsite
    Please make the structure more Common

    • Guest-3150336707 says:

      Nope….the spawn rate was balance
      …of it becomes more..common…there will be no chance for more.exploration and survival

    • ItzGIG says:

      Have you seen the wells yet? Making them common would break gameplay due to the loot found in it, theres saddles on stables, ore blocks on pyramids, and some loot boxes give you enchanted books, making them common is not a great idea, i would rather suggest on fixing how theyre spawned, i have seen more than 2 campsites buried underground

  192. Guest-7925541976 says:

    I really appreciate how the links take you directly to the download, no adfly or linkvertise bs. Thank you for the addon, its great.

  193. Guest-8125883023 says:

    Hey is there any way to turn the spawn rates up, I love the addons but they are very very very hard to find

  194. Guest-5496909093 says:

    i didn’t think the mod was working at first but I found one structure and that was the magma vent could you possibly make them a little more common cause I literally searched for 2 hours and didn’t find anything

  195. Guest-5679743807 says:

    Make it possible to find them with the command

  196. Guest-7819872378 says:

    Funciona en realms?

  197. Guest-3844001078 says:

    Absolutely amazing addon, I encourage anyone who reads this to try it for themselves.

  198. Anonymous says:

    Perfect (●’◡’●) add more please.

  199. Guest-7364891346 says:

    Can you please update it? Add more structures!! Add The Nether castle, They have caged Hoglins At the middle of the castle Is a Piglin Spawner. At the four corners of the castle Are 4 #2 Loot blocks (1 For each corner) At the top of the castle Are 4 Piglin brutes And a Piglin spawner. Only For the 1.16.20 Update. 😀

  200. Zach Marc says:

    wow, splendid idea!
    five stars,
    my favourite is the statues.
    great touch??

  201. Nice addon under the well you have made a hidden ruin super cool ????

  202. Guest-5090847970 says:

    Whats the difference between RP and BP?

  203. Guest-5244871237 says:

    I don’t see the addon and resource pack on Minecraft pe that I downloaded

  204. Guest-9918449983 says:

    A me non fa vedere l’addon e il pacchetto risorse su Minecraft pe che ho scaricato.

  205. Guest-1688055804 says:

    Can underground structures plz

  206. Guest-9933621915 says:

    Why you added loot blocks instead of editing chest’s NBT? It’s not that hard.

    • iKorbon says:

      I don’t think that is possible on bedrock currently, but I could be wrong. Do you know how?

      • Guest-8628031497 says:

        Use any NBT editor that can edit block-entity chunks.
        1. Open chest’s compound tag.
        2. List tag “Items” should be empty
        3. Add string tag “LootTable” to compound tag and enter your loot table’s path.
        4. You also can add long tag “LootTableSeed” if you want to.
        5. Save
        6. The chest now have randomly generated loot until you open it.
        7. Save chest with structure block

        • iKorbon says:

          I just got done testing this, but unfortunately every chest still has the same loot. I know it used to work but not sure why it doesn’t anymore. :\

        • Mojang changed the way loot chests generate in 1.16. Chests now set their loot when they are loaded, so as soon as you load into the world, the chest would have its loot preset.
          The FRG V2 (releasing on the 14th August) will be able to combat this issue with a new method for chests with loot tables. 🙂

  207. Guest-6133724899 says:

    Note:turning down the amount of chunks to the lowest and turning of fancy graphics stops the crashes even tho I am running 10 mods

  208. Guest-6851997905 says:

    There is to many crashes for some reason but besides that I love the concept hope bugs are fixed as soon as possible

  209. Nebflut says:

    Crash in old map 🙁

  210. Guest-3134804051 says:

    Disculpa com se hace un addon para estructuras? :”v (posdata:que buen addon) es que ya tengo estructuras pero dangeons y quiero saber como hacerlas en un addon

  211. joe847802 says:

    does it work in realms?

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