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Published on July 30, 2020 (Updated on July 30, 2020)

More Striders! v1.1! (1.16+)

Did you ever wanted to “Spice up the Nether“? Me too! That’s why I present to you, the More Striders Addon. This addon will fill up The Nether with Stirders with “unique” designs and A.I.

Without any interruptions, let’s get into it.

Soul Striders

Summoned by Soul Sand, the Soul Strider wonders off in the Nether, doing absolutely nothing. Though it’s threatening appearance, it can’t do much harm.

HP: 5

Attack: 0


These Mutated Striders are fast, due to there three legs.

HP: 20

Attack: 0


These disturbing looking Demogorgon Striders are harmless. They are kinda slow with there lack of eyesight.

HP: 15

Attack: 0


Spliters are the exact opposite of EyeTriders, they can actually see, damn those EyeTriders, another mutated Strider, it runs away from Piglins, as they we’re the ones who mutated it in the first place.

HP: 15

Attack: 0

OverWorld Striders

There just Striders that spawn on the overworld, that’s it.

HP: 7

Attack: 0

Tamable Item: Wheat Seeds

Basalt Striders

These Striders adapted to Basalt Biomes, though seen spawning somewhere else, they mainly camouflage in the Basalt Biomes.

HP: 19

Attack: 0


Please just, please don’t make Jokes with the name and appearance. Anyways, it eats cows.

HP: 15

Attack: 2

Crimson Striders

This species of Stirder has mutated due to too much Crimson Exposure. With their high speed and damage, they can really leave a mark.

HP: 15

Attack: 5

Warped Strider

This species of Strider got Warped. It has the ability to teleport, but low speed. Does decent amount of damage.

HP: 13

Attack: 3


This gigantic Strider does small amounts of damage, and a decent amount of health. With it’s big Eye, it can watch all Striders from far and wide. (It can’t.)

Hp: 20

Attack: 5

I hope you enjoyed reading this, it was fun! I hope you download it!

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First Update

-Added Soul Strider

-Added Crimson Strider

-Added Basalt Strider

-Added Gulpter

-Fixed Thumbnail

-Added  Crimson And Warped Strider

-Added Trider

-Added Spliter

-Added  EyeTrider

-Added Cyclider


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4 / 5 (4 votes)
Me gusto este mod puedes agregar un strider que se sumerja en la lava
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Nope it doesnt work i cant find them in the creative inventory
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OMG i was so happy there finally wasnt an mod but yall say it dont work on windows 10? ):
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it doesnt work for me :( striders dont spawn and i cant use commands to spawn them either. ive turned on experimental gameplay and im on 1.16.10 windows 10
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Sorry, I never tested it on Windows 10. I don’t know how to fix it.
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This is evil and cruel! How could you :(
(Nice addon)
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super creative and the gulpters and warped striders look super cool
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