Published on July 17, 2021 (Updated on October 01, 2021)

SCP - Resource Pack v1.6 [1.17+]

SCP - Resource Pack Introduction

This texture pack retextures a variety of blocks to your choosing, along with a new game menu, and sounds! More info below!

Current version: v1.6




  • 196 retextured files!
  • 63 changed sound files!


(These images are showcasing the blocks)

Entrance Zone!

Heavy Containment Zone!

Light Containment Zone!

SCP - Unity Blocks!

Storage Area!

Medical Bay!


List Of Retextured Blocks/Items:

Walls (Can use for non-intended purposes):

  • All Concrete
  • Dark Oak Planks, Crimson, and Warped planks
  • Both Stone bricks + Mossy variant (HCZ Walls)
  • Polished Blackstone
  • Prismarine Dark + Quartz Block
  • Nether Brick + Red variant
  • Most Deepslate variants
  • Oxidized Cut Copper (HCZ Wall Variant)
  • Weathered Cut Copper + Bricks + Polished Blackstone Bricks (White brick walls)


  • All smooth andesite, granite and diorite
  • Acacia Planks
  • Brown Wool


  • Barrel (Filing cabinet)
  • Ancient Debris (Green Crate)
  • Most Heads
  • Bow (P90)
  • Arrow (Ammo)
  • Shield
  • Iron Door (Standard SCP door) + Spruce Door (???) + Acacia Door (Extremely rusted door) + Dark Oak Door (Class D-Cell Door)
  • Gold Armor is Class-D suit, chainmail armor is Hazmat suit, iron armor is Gasmask clothing, diamond is Guard uniform, and Netherite armor is an NTF Uniform, Scute Helmet is Night Vission Goggles.
  • Most dye (Keycards)
  • Oak sign + Jungle sign + Spruce Sign
  • Jungle blocks (Caution Block)
  • Gold Block (Wooden crate w/ metal lining)
  • Iron Block (Reinforced metal crate from HC Zone)
  • Redstone Lamp (Fluorescent Light)
  • Scaffolding
  • Pink Stained Glass (Grate)
  • Paintings
  • Magenta Stained Glass (Small Grate)
  • Ladder
  • Lapis Block + Diamond Block (Shipping Containers)
  • End Brick (Dark metal crate)
  • Prismarine Bricks (Patterned Steel)
  • Lime glass (Grate with no outline)
  • Smooth Quartz (???)
  • Quartz Bricks (Reinforced Iron LCZ Ceiling)
  • Cut Copper (Reinforced Plates)
  • TNT (Red Barrels)
  • Purple Glass (Thicc Grate)
  • All Heads (Dragon Head is computer, wither skeleton skull is HCZ Crate, creeper head is a box, player head is green container, skeleton skull is wetfloor sign, zombie head is box TV.
  • Copper Block (Dented Steel)
  • Green Glass (Vertically Lined Glass)
  • Bookshelves


  • 19 unique Splash texts for title screen
  • Changed title screen logo


SCP is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0, (Or CC-BY-SA 4.0) which means this texture pack is technically under it.

Credit me if you’re gonna use this for a project!


(People that I copied made "similar" textures from)

Select version for changelog:



  • Added UI section to list
  • Added Green glass texture, Bookshelf textures, Oak plank textures, copper variant textures, night vision goggle textures, etc.
  • Updated Brick textures, lantern textures, painting textures, TNT textures, Wet Floor sign model, etc.
  • Fixed most texturing mistakes, + most texture inconsistencies, updated (finally) Pack Icon and manifest, and more!
  • Changed outdated preview images!
  • More I've forgotten!

! LAST UPDATE (Maybe) !

(I have ran outta ideas)


- How to Download -

1.) Click link

2.) Download

3.) Import to Minecraft

4.) Thank me for this useful tutorial.

Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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Zombie apocalypse map maker January 07, 2022 at 7:45 am
Hello can I use this texture pack for a project and upload it? I'll credit you
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Can you add a heavy containment door?
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may i have permission to use this in a world for mcpedl
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Do you guys have the world download for map shown in above images.i'm a map maker , skin maker , you can find me on planet minecraft community
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Nah, i just make long hallways in creative worlds
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secre contayn protecc
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this is amazing texture pack and it's the best one I seen so far. Keep up the great work no cap thx for the great content you're giving people!
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I'm running out of ideas for this resource pack, lol
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This is one of the best SCP texture packs! I’ve been using this for my SCP world and it’s been very useful. I just have one question though. What block is the Light Containment ceiling? I’ve looked really hard and I can’t seem to find it. Other than that, you have done an amazing job. Keep up the good work! :D
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Bad wording from my question. I meant to say was what happened to the dark grey ceiling? It disappeared.
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Btw ya’ll, there’s new splash texts if you’re using this as your global resource pack.
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Is there a way i can get this addon on switch plz?
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My guy its a texture pack
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