Published on March 22, 2020 (Updated on June 06, 2023)

More Stuff! (v 0.9) (Added 1.19 support and Bug fixes!)

[ Added 1.19 support and Bug Fixes! ] Guns are now here with custom sounds from near to far gunshots! to change your survival experience! New swords foods drinks backpacks More chests and more! Note: this is the an alpha release so there might be a bugs!

Credits to: Artic Studios /Enely /Arexon 


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  • v 0.9 (Beta release)

- Added 1.19.X support!
- Fixed minor bugs
- Removed Discord Support [ Team Disbanded | Solo Project ]


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I’ve literally waited 3 or maybe even 4 years for this too come back out
It's just the perfect addon for a survival with friends, it has boths styles: fantasy and guns, i like guns and my friends likes fantasy, and also the guns textures are 16x16 and i like it, i think it's better than 32x32 and highter resolution because 16x16 is more in minecraft style and don't makes contrast, so it's almost perfect. I said "almost perfect" because therd is a dangerous linkvertise link (dangerous because one time i had a virus with these links) else if you don't count this pronblem it's an awesome mod, one of the best i've ever seen
Idea of guns and entities that you can add:
Revolver bullet: 7 damage
Pistol bullet: 8 damage (pistols do more damage than revolvers in real life)
Ammo items:
- 357 magnum bullet (for revolvers)
- 9mm pistol magazine (USP, beretta 92,glock)
-Colt python: 6 rounds capacity, revolver, 1,5 seconds cooldown, shoots revolver bullet
-USP: 15 rounds, semi auto, shoots pistol bullet
-Beretta 92: 15 rounds, semi auto, shoots pistol bullet
-Glock 17: 17 rounds, semi auto, pistol bullet
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You can use guns in bedrock edition but edu is like bedrock but worser
Sometimes when you reload your gun it just duplicates the gun and gives you infinite ammo in the original gun. pls fix
hi u can updated to the 1.18 because the "steel ore" doun't spawn correctly and u can made pistols like,Makarov,glock 17(its simi and auto) or desert eagle.
this is an exelent addon
Bro is there a way to stop the chat from spamming game rule send command feedback? Otherwise this games legit.
this is the best mod for my server with my friends
KenKanekiBOIIIIIIIIIIII January 04, 2022 at 1:12 am
this is the first mod with guns that works on mc edu good job!
the reson why most gun mods dont work is because you cannot turn on experemental gameplay on a mc edu world unless you install a NBT editor.
kind of wish the treasure chest weren't so less than 3 in game days i have full Dimond and beat a raid, it be cool if there was a version without the chest
Wow, I thought this mod wasn't going to work but it even works without experimental. The guns, swords, almost everything functions. Perfect for my realm. Thank you for making this awesome mod
How do I get or where do I get steel?