Published on August 27, 2020 (Updated on December 12, 2021)

More Swords

Hello today I bring you the new update of more swords for your minecraft world with the new updates it is possible to make major changes in each complement I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as I enjoy doing it exclusively for all of you

The swords of this complement can be enchanted both as the enchantment table and on the anvil they have all the characteristics of vanilla swords these are the images of the complement

Amethyst sword

Cactus sword


Chinese sword Black

Chinese sword blue

Chinese sword Green

Death sword

Emerald sword

End sword

Lazuli sword

Multicored sword

Quartz Sword

Redstone sword

Regeneration totem


Select version for changelog:

  1. New quarz sword
  2. New amethyst sword
  3. New emerald sword
  4. New chinese sword blue
  5. New chinese sword green
  6. New chinese sword black
  7. new components


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4 / 5 (8 votes)
I not gonna lie but this addon was using asset from Addon maker app. But keep the hard work
This mods kinda boring, I see these textures a lot since they’re reused, weapons are op, in general it makes no sense at all.
Too overpowered ...22 damage on an emerald sword.... bruv...smh
noice. really good swords
its sad that this is beta
yes minecraft is my life but beta is coming to the game soon
Me gustaría saber como se craftea la guadaña oh espada de la muerte,es con obsidiana oh Blackstone??? ;-;
Las texturas del mod no son tuyas, son de otras personas y de terraria.
Really cool, but I think it's way too overpowered. Maybe make the swords less powerful and require a nether star in the crafting recipes or something to make sure it is exclusively a late-game item.
This is overpowered!
This works in PC?