Published on August 25, 2022

More Village Trade Options - Balance Version

Designed this mod starting with my frustration at feeling compelled to spend hours in survival making a gunpowder farm just so I found enjoy using Elytra without worrying about running out of Gunpowder. This quickly grew in such a way that I tried to incorporate as many hard to acquire or limited resources as viable goods you can trade with for villagers. Now if you are willing to take the time to set up some sort of passive income such as farming crops to trade with villagers, you can access a wide range of useful goods at your convince in return. I tried to include enough new items for every type of village trader, that now hopefully every player using this mod will want at least 1 of each villager type, rather than just picking a select few with the items they like from the Vanilla Selection.

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does it work in 1.20?
Stonesmith ( the stonecutter dude ) doesn’t work. There’s no option for level 1 trades so u can’t level them up. I’m also having an issue where the villagers keep the job but not the look of the job after the station is broken, therefore you can trade with unemployed villagers and they never rest their trades. It’s annoying especially for librarians…
didn't work in realms (Aternos)
good mod, but could you make something like a trade editor? me and my friend cant get a mending villager and i was going to spawn one in, but idk how, could you make something to help with that? thanks
Está good solo que hay que balancear algunas cosas