Published on CurseForge May 12, 2024 (Updated on July 19, 2024)

Farmer's Delight Bedrock (Unofficial Port)

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  • Apple Cider now gives 2 absorption hearts instead of 4.

  • Melon juice now regenerates 2 hearts by drinking it.


  • Farmers Delight Bedrock (RP) V14.3.0.mcpack (2.62 MB)
  • Farmers Delight Bedrock (BP) V14.3.0.mcpack (247.56 KB)

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If the crops do not work, remember to use the most recent version of minecraft (1.21.0+), In Previews versions the addon may not work correctly.

Guys, before commenting your suggestions or bugs keep in mind the following:

1. this is a port of a java mod, I have no control over the new things that can be added.
2. Bedrock has limitations, not everything from the original mod can be recreated.
3. I'm just a person without much free time, it's difficult to update or create new ports.

Thanks :)
I gave it one star because you can't open manecraft directly
I tried downloading it, but the Minecraft icon won't pop up. Can someone tell me another way to import it to minecraft? I have ZArchiver
opa, será que você poderia colocar pra importar no minecraft, por favor?
Can you fix this so that it doesn’t break the UI of other mods, thanks.
can you make it import into the minecraft app?
bug report: for some reason i can't place the skillet and the pot on the normal stove but when i put a block on the under the skillet and the pot and break the block and replace it with the stove it works can you please fix this
I think u just need to crouch while placing it to work =)
pls make the file mcaddon for mobile playerss plsplspslspsls
Cool I can eat more food
SettingThingsRight July 19, 2024 at 1:45 pm
Half the addons still are not updated for ether Farmers Delight mods..
Hope they get updated soon kinda sad for this one as in game it states you don't have these mods, well of course I don't there not updated!
when I downloaded it it says ends delight?
Could you put it in .mcpack or .mcaddon please, without this I can't download
still cant download to minecraft the apps that come out are files and ibis paint :(
Hello Pupy200mine,
could you add some salt to season it while cooking? For example you could get it in the sea or as an ore.