Farmer's Delight Bedrock (Unofficial Port) V12.5

Farmers Delight Add-on

Farmer Delight Add-on Adds new crops & a wide variety of food, plus an interactive cooking system, with a functional cooking pot & cutting board

More things will be added in future updates!

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Fixed a bug that gave you too many books when starting a world.

Now the farmer's book is also in Chinese language.

script version from 1.8.0-beta to 1.8.0 (you will need version 1.20.60 for the addon to work properly)

Remember, when downloading a new version of the addon it is recommended to delete the previous version.


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If the crops do not work, remember to use the most recent version of minecraft (1.20.51), In Previews versions the addon may not work correctly.

Guys, before commenting your suggestions or bugs keep in mind the following:

1. this is a port of a java mod, I have no control over the new things that can be added.
2. if it's a bug or something important send me a message to my discord: Pupy200mine#5915
3. Bedrock has limitations, not everything from the original mod can be recreated.
4. I'm just a person without much free time, it's difficult to update or create new ports.

Thanks :)
is it working on 1.20.60?
please, everything is bugging. I miss playing this mod, fix plsss
Buenas podrías agregar las anteriores versiones por favor 🙏
When you destor cutting board, board dissapear and entity of cutting board still there, you cant kill entity even with commands like kill @e [type=farmersdelight:cutting_board_entity]
can it's work on 1.20.30 version?
The frying pan and ham is not working
Hello, I am writing to you because I discovered errors that are happening to me in the Farmers Delight mod on version 12.4.
1) The farmer's book still does not open.
2) for some reason the frying pan stopped working.
3) I don’t think this is such a big bug, but I somehow made the cutting board invisible and indestructible by moving it with pistons, although there is a shadow from the board and I can interact with it
for the last option, have u tried /kill @e ? because once you place it down, it turns into an entity
When you type kill @e or kill @e [type=farmersdelight:cutting_board_entity] this entity just regen, and still invisible and unkillable
Hello there! I have notice a bug which is i can't get any ham on the pig it just drop the porkchop I'm using the knife btw and right clicking it, and also the skillet doesn't work for example the egg it will not cook it it just stays on the frying pan 😅

I have a suggestion it's up to you if you want to, would like to collab with some of the addon creators? Like niel peach and stratosphere.
Take your time amigo we can wait for the update 😁
is there a way for you to update this to match the java farmers delight like the Rope, Basket
Ham is not working again i killed a lot of pig i right click still nothin
The frying pan is not working
This comment has been removed
hurry up and update
no funciona la interfaz de la olla, el cesped no da zacate, deberia dar mas cosechas cultivos como el arroz, cebolla y col
It gives an error on my server and it doesn't show up