Published on December 25, 2020 (Updated on December 25, 2020)

More Windows+ v1.0

Getting bored of basic glass panes for windows? This add-on introduces more windows to add to your Minecraft world! These windows will give your builds more detail, and more variety!

Inspired by Macaw's Windows from Java Edition. The More Windows+ add-on currently adds 2 new window types to your game! Each type of window has different varieties based on the material you use, and desire. As of right now, each type of window has 10 different varieties, which include Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak, Crimson, Warped, Iron and Gold. More will be added in the future along with more types of windows. 

All types of windows are available in survival via crafting, or you can use the /give command in creative to obtain them. I also included a function command "/function windowsplus"  that will give you each window type and variety from the latest version.

Windows will drop Window Frame Bases corresponding to the type of window when broken.


Single Framed Windows

Step 1:

Craft a "Single Frame Window Base" using 8 sticks and 1 glass pane.

You will get 4 from each craft.

(Recipe can be found in recipe book in-game)

Step 2:

Use the recipe shown below to craft a Single Framed Window.

You will need 8  "Single Frame Window Base" shown above and 1 wood of your desired variety.


Framed Windows

Step 1:

Craft a "Framed Window Base" using 4 sticks and 1 "Single Frame Window Base" from above.

You will get 2 from each craft.

(Recipe can be found in recipe book in-game)

Step 2:

Use the recipe shown below to craft a Framed Window.

You will need 8 "Framed Window Base" and 1 wood of your desired variety.


Metal Window Variants:

Metal variants have more explosion resistance and don't burn.

Use the recipes shown below to craft the available metal variants of windows.




(does not work on Realms currently, see "Realms" section below)

Windows can be opened, and shut.

(You can even drop items out of opened windows!)


As stated above, interactions for the windows, break the windows when on Realms.

So, included in the post down below, you will find separate downloads for Realms. With this, you will be able to craft and use the windows, but they will not be able to be opened and shut. 

I will try to get interactions to work for Realms, but no promises as Realms are buggy and unreliable.

Also, all versions of More Windows+ will be updated at the same time.


I will be updating and adding more types of windows and more varieties in the future.


You must toggle all experimental toggles in your world settings for this add-on to work correctly!


Click download links

Press "Free access with ads" button

Press "Discover Interesting articles" button

Press the X button on the top right of the article window and wait 10 seconds.

Download mediafire files (delete older versions before installing newer versions)

Apply behavior pack and resource pack to your world



Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

i forgot to put my rating, sorry
CHORFI ABDERRAHMEN April 27, 2021 at 6:57 am
Can you add copper window, diamond window, amethyst window, all concrete windows, rainbow window and emerald window pls
CHORFI ABDERRAHMEN March 14, 2021 at 1:54 pm
Is the link safe to go to? I want to download this but I don't know if the link is safe <3
It is! xd too late maybe
yes. it is! when you press download for most of the downloads they will take you to download a app just exit that tab and you go to your downloads file where it says "type here to search:" bottom left of your screen. the you right click on the current file and where it says open you open it, go to minecraft and it will download :) im prob to late to answer this but for anyone else with issues
Hello, I am creating my first map and I was wondering if I could use your plugin in my map and if so, how can I give you credits😊
Very nice addon, it is super addon. Minecraft Windows are bad this is excelent idea
Well made 🙂. Add more like new patterns and colors. And also I recommend changing loot tables because it drops the item instead of the window itself
Good! Wow this is so good can i use it on my modpack?
I'm speechless, you can beated java furniture mod now, i'm not believed this is an addon, crazy, i must try it now