Morph System (Command Blocks)

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Morphs either require you to know about commands, (like a function pack) or they are off and don't face the direction you're looking at. Well this world is easy to use and the mobs face the direction you're facing!

All you have to do is go into a barrel and get the name tag, and a spawn egg.

Then, you can name the mob with it and suddenly, you're that mob! Some animations even work! (Walking, for example) you get strength so you can kill the mob, and then it's you again! These are pictures of me disguised as a mob.


  • Morph.mcworld

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plssss change the world to infinite plssss I dont like flat world.
Dont want to hate or anything, but this is very easy to do.
this even works with addon mobs
I hope this works >~< i have to make yt video
what's your youtube channel
Umm, the facing direction is literally a couple more words in a command. It's not very complicated. No offense. In fact, I could say the same for all of these morph maps.
I know that's true, but some people aren't familiar with commands or how to work them, so this is for the non-redstoners that don't know how to make this kind of stuff.