Published on September 17, 2019 (Updated on October 10, 2019)

Mountains++ Add-on

Have you ever thought the mountains were a bit bare, There are no special mobs, except the occasional lama. With this addon, the mountains will no longer be boring. You will see much more for example, fire dragons!

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Bug fixes and new models... this addon will not be updated anymore, due to minecon



  • mountains++.mcaddon

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What this addon compatible with mesozoiccraft addon?
I liKe Ya cuT gGgGGGGG May 21, 2021 at 9:50 am
pls update this for edu :
Can you add the ability to milk the goats but they get mad and try to kill you?
Nice i like the models Im gonna use it in a modded survival (Dont worry ill give credit and mcpedl link)
AmogusSussyImposter July 15, 2020 at 2:32 am
I love this addon, it should be updated
potential 2020 1.16 update?
The dragons here looks much better than the dragons in your other mods (mostly because these ones feels natural... Your other ones just feels like variety for the sake of variety instead of quality). I know they won't be no "Ice and Fire" dragons but they still look nice.

And if something is wrong with the mod, since it is old, then I'll look under the hood and see what I can fix. I've done coding before.
It does look like ice and fire, huh.
Can you make the dragons fly by looking up and can update the dragons to shoot fire balls. When you tame them can you make the dragons use blaze rod to shoot fire balls please I enjoy this addon
I cant download do to the zip code on widows 10 edition
I can't download this mod how do u download it
Finally a good dragon mod. The models look cool (no offense but it kinda looks like the ice and fire dragons, iam not saying you stole it) but you gotta add more dragons. 11/10 in my opinion
Can u please add the fly function from ur dragon mounts to this addon thank u for reading
also then models are great and i know you didn’t copy them
yo dude i see were your going with this but your going to need someone to help you, try finding someone online to help you after that you’re reputation will be super high just remember to mention the person who helps you ?